Introducing: Deadpan

Ready for something very different? Denmark’s Deadpan are certainly that, with their 1980s-esque dark electronica vibe.

Copenhagen-based Deadpan formed out of the ashes of previous project Deadpan Interference, with long-time friends Martin Emil Daa Funder, Max Cosnier and Sofie Westh continuing to carry the torch, and adding Arsene Survie then Christian Skibdal earlier this year. As they tell us: “We shared the same interests and listened to the same kind of music. We wanted to make an impact on how music could sound and through that mindset we found our own voice. Deadpan have always been a place where you can speak and create from your heart.”

The band will announce their new lineup with the launch of debut EP Fool Moon on Friday ((7 December), from which the debut single of the same name was released back in October. That was followed by last week’s Lovely Night, which opens up with synthy sounds over a low bass and drums, then dropping into a verse of cool vocals. The intensity drops into more atmospheric chorus of repeats of “Bring me the moon and bring me the stars,” then gradually builds up again. Check it out in the video below:

While previous single Fool Moon opens up with a mass of synthy noise over distant spoken vocals that build the big 80s electronica vibe. A funky synth noise comes in over an ensemble of guitar noises Check it out in the fairly creepy and bizarre video below:

On the singles thus far they tell us: “The first draft of Fool Moon was made by Max, Martin and Sofie before Arsene and Christian joined in. Arsene added the lyrics and our dear friend Albert Aagaard Hertz added his guitar, which can be heard throughout the record. Lovely Night was written by the whole band and we really felt as if we connected as composers with that song. Besides from this, Fool Moon is more of a head on”-song. You have to assemble the pieces of it yourself. The line between bittersweet pop and harsh noise is getting more and more blurry these days. Lovely Night is our attempt at doing exactly that.”

While on the EP they add: “As soon as we have finished a piece of music it’s out of our hands. We are, of course, excited…? Which three words would you use to describe your music? We. Don’t. Know. How would you describe the Deadpan sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet? We believe that one of the reasons why one would play music, is so you don’t have to describe it in words. Our “goal” is to create sounds that are original, heavily influenced by a great mixture of genres + write catchy melodies. We are constantly evolving and want to continue to be fluid. Who knows what the next record will sound like!”

And on what inspires them to write music, the band tell us: “It’s the closest thing you get to freedom, whatever that is. Everything and nothing, really. We write about whatever comes to our mind. Arsene’s lyrics are always extremely personal and heartfelt. That’s the main ‘theme.’ It’s mostly the differences in music that inspire us, and the list of amazing and inspiring artists is forever changing – as it should be.”

The band hope to record a debut album in 2019, along with touring Europe and playing festivals. As they put it: “We’re aiming for the stars!”

Deadpan are very cool, very different to anything we’ve heard recently, and we’re excited to hear the debut EP when it’s released on Friday.

You can follow Deadpan on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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