Introducing: The Garage Flowers

Camden dwelling quartet The Garage Flowers epitomise everything you expect from the north London region, honing a sound they describe to us as “dirty sweet glamorous indie rock’n’roll of the highest quality” and “drunken guitar pop.”

The Garage Flowers story begins with Joe Capaldi (vocals, guitar) and Jonny Webber (guitar) becoming disillusioned with the music scene in their hometown of Bristol. Hungry for fame and fortune they moved to London, spent a year living in the back of a Peugeot 206, during which Joe contracted glandular fever. Which sounds delightful.

The band fully formed after 10 months of recovery and set about “plastering adverts in every pub window, telephone box and dirty chicken shop in and around Camden.” There they met Mike Serapinas (bass, backing vocals), played gigs up and down the country then added Norea Persson on drums. And, on forming a band, they tell us: “We wanted an excuse to live our lives like Raoul Duke.”

Latest single Panic Street Again gives us a taster of their deliciously cool indie rock sound. An intro of screechy guitars drops into a fun little riff then a laid-back verse of vocals supported by a bassline, then the pace picks up with more intense vocals and little guitar licks. That builds into a big chorus of repeats of “Panic street again” then drops into a return of the cool opening riff. A more lively second verse follows, then the second chorus drops into repeated “Oo-oo” vocals then a big guitar solo. Check it out in the stream below:

While previous single Crashing Party is a bit of a banger, opening up with a big guitar intro then an edgy, rocky verse of almost spoken vocals supported by palm-muted guitars that build into cool licks then a big guitar solo. Check it out in the video below:

But I think my personal favourite track is the excellent Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today, which gradually builds in intensity through a catchy opening verse into a big singalong chorus of “Take all my money and all my questions, Nothing’s gonna get me down today.” A fun guitar lick kicks in under “ah-woo” vocals and bridges into another fun verse. Check it out below:

The band have recently launched a series of ‘guerilla gigs,’ on which they tell us: “We played a benefit gig at a homeless shelter a few months back for the people that stay there; played a New Year’s house party to welcome 2018 and played a few warehouse gigs in North London. If there’s a chance of playing somewhere unconventional we’ll do it, because anything can (and usually does) happen.”

The band are busy putting the finishing touches on their debut EP Moods Like English Weather, which they describe to us as: “A 13-minute journey of in your face riffs, bangers and Aleister Crowley speeches” – which sounds exciting/ominous. This is a band with plenty of indie swagger and a really fun rocky, engaging sound, so we’re looking forward to hearing what the EP offers in February.

You can follow The Garage Flowers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube.

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