New Music Friday Round-Up: 7 December

It’s that time of the week once again. Friday is here, the weekend is hours away, and we’ve got a veritable feast of the finest new music from a host of great new bands.

This week, we’ve got new singles from a couple of London bands, debut EPs from a Newcastle hard rock band and tech-metal newcomers, a single from an exciting new metal band from Lancaster, some brand new Scottish alt-rock, an awesome second single from one of the most exciting new metal bands out there, and another fix of brass meets rock cover goodness.

Turn it up loud, and read on.

Gold Baby – Maggots (Single)

We’ll ease you into things this week with the second single from London’s Gold Baby, who we introduced you to back in October. It starts off with light guitars and a laid-back opening verse led by Siân Alex’s calming vocals, which ends on the line “And now you’re covered in maggots.” That ushers in heavier guitars and a repeating lick as the vocals pick up in pace “It’s eating you up.” A cool laid-back guitar lick comes in over flickering guitars and drops into another chilled out verse, which gives way to a more lively guitar solo that continues through an atmospheric outro.

Maggots is out now on  BandcampSoundcloud and Spotify, and you can follow Gold Baby on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Tomorrow Is Lost – The Shadowman EP (EP)

18 months on from first taking the stage for the first time at the O2 Academy in their hometown of Newcastle, Tomorrow Is Lost – our New Band of the Week from last October – today drop their much-anticipated debut EP The Shadowman EP.

The intoxicating sound of frontwoman Cass King up against a hard rock backing is out in full force on this impressive debut EP. It throws us straight into the deep end with the powerful opening track We Are The Lost, as a big riff dual gives way to a lead verse of powerful vocals.

Debut single Insane follows, opening up with drawn-out guitar noise and lingering bass, with Cass’ relaxed vocals coming in over the top then increasing in intensity with a couple of cries of “They tell me I’m insane.” Big vocals come in through the second verse and lead straight into another huge singalong chorus, followed by a winding guitar solo. That flows into another verse of powerful vocals starting “I try to face the facts, That there’s no, no coming back, From all the things I have done,” before ending on a smash of huge vocals and guitars.

A big riff opens up Rapture, then drops into palm-muted guitars supporting Cass’ singalong vocals that flow into a catchy chorus. The vocal blitz is broken up by a cool solo that ends on a high note and drops into a final catchy chorus. The edgier No One Knows follows, with Cass’ vocals once again dominating impressively between bursts of rocky guitar licks.

It closes with ShadowMan, which sees the pace drop down in the intro and a laid-back opening verse gradually building into a big singalong chorus. A delicious guitar solo gives way to a huge rocky ending with various layers of intense vocals leading the way.

The Shadowman EP is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Tomorrow Is Lost on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Passengers – Face of Janus (Single)

Passengers were recently shortlisted to play Progress Wrestling’s Wembley showcase, an event that was won by our pals in wars – which tells you they’re keeping good company.

Faces of Janus is the band’s second single and offers an intriguing insight into their modern metalcore sound, which fuses gut-wrenching vocal, bone-crushing low-tuned guitars and synth sounds. It opens up with booming stabs of guitar under a twinkling synth sound, which continue under savage screamed vocals. The guitars pick up in speed as clean vocals come in then drop into another brutal verse, then a second chorus is followed by cries of “Drown out the detrimental” before the intensity increases further.

Huge pounding drums and savage vocals are supported by huge guitars then a big darting low-tuned riff and synth sounds create a humongous metalcore noise. That drops into a final chorus then goes out on a smash of low-tuned guitars. This is yet another example that the future of UK metal is very bright indeed. Check it out below.

Faces of Janus is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify, and you can follow Passengers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Atlas : Empire – The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet (Album)

Scottish alt-rock in a concept album about a future where we’re reliant on technology and automation, what’s not to love? The Glasgow band’s debut album is a seriously impressive, hugely intriguing effort. We’ll be featuring them in a standalone article next week, so no major giveaways just yet, but expect huge progressive guitars and engaging vocals in a fusion of rock and elements of shoegaze – which begins as it means to go on in the powerful opening track As Yet Unwritten, which you can check out below.

The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Atlas : Empire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Crevassian – Crevassian (EP)

The post-metal instrumental sound of Crevassian is something we’ve been hooked on since seeing them perform at ProgMetalMadness last year. So it’s great to see the quartet release their self-titled debut EP today.

It opens up with the lively Tempest, which features chugging guitar chords and a bouncy bassline under high-pitched guitars. Then the EP’s lead single Firmament begins a little more slowly with a laid-back guitar lick and drums providing a mellow opening, before bursting into a mass of atmospheric techy goodness.

And that theme continues in Those Forever Ghost, which begins with flickering high-pitched guitars, which then answer bursts of heavier guitar chords before the two play off against each other beautifully. Huge bursts of low-tuned guitar kick in under light high-pitched guitars then a huge tremolo jumps over the top of diving low-tuned guitars. It’s delicious.

The EP closes out with ten-minute epic Summit, which opens with shuddering bass under high-pitched guitars then dives into atmospheric guitars over chugging bass and guitars. This is a seriously impressive debut EP and we firmly recommend popping it on your playlists.

Crevassian is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp, and you can follow Crevassian on Facebook and Instagram.

AT THE SUN – Lay It On Me (Single)

The London hard rockers drop another sumptuously seductive and rocky track, which opens up with a chugging riff that feeds into a little lick then a big rocky return of the riff. Frontman Harry Dale takes over in a catchy verse that feeds into a big rocky chorus with a cool solo from Chet Jogia in the background. A second chorus is followed by a big winding solo from Chet, then a final blast of the chorus, lovely stuff.

Lay It On Me is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow AT THE SUN on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Captives – Signs (Single)

Our New Band of the Week from last month are back with their second single, and it’s pretty awesome. Echoey vocals open up with light instrumental support then gets blown away by a barrage of flickering guitars, booming chords and driving drums. Huge low-tuned guitars suddenly kick in as the song intensifies and bursts into a big singalong chorus. It continues to build with a more powerful verse driven along by huge guitars, then another singalong chorus. We love this. Check it out in the video below.

Signs is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Captives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Brass Against – War Pigs (Video)

We couldn’t help it. The Brooklyn brass meets rock ensemble have pumped out another banger of a video, this time covering Black Sabbath’s War Pigs featuring the stunning guest vocals of Maya Azucena. Check it out below.

You can follow Brass Against on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and check out their music on SpotifyiTunes and YouTube.

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