New Band of the Week: Profiler

What better way to kick off your Monday morning than with the ‘return’ of Nu-Metal. It may, in truth, have never gone away, but the sub-genre is well and truly back on the map with Bristol trio Profiler, who describe their nu-metal sound as “vibrant and nostalgic.”

Fusing the nu-metal signature of huge metal riffs, rapped vocals and cheeky record scratches with more modern metalcore grooves, this is a very exciting new band – and one that’s already been endorsed by another of our former New Bands of the Week, and fellow Bristolians, Phoxjaw.

The trio of Mike Evans (vocals and guitar), Joe Johnson (bass) and Oscar Hocking (drums) met at university, when Mike was on the lookout for people to start a new band with. As he explains: “I quickly found the two lads and we connected instantly. I began writng ideas and we started practising extensively every week. It took us about a year to really find our true sound.”

But the Profiler sound was initially honed by one seminal nu-metal album. As Mike tells us: “Music sucked me in from the first time I heard Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album – honestly, since then, Nu-Metal is all I have wanted to do. The other lads in the band made me believe in Profiler – it all happened at the right time.”

Profiler have just released their third single, Re-Identify, which is a huge, booming nu-metal track with moments of atmospheric melody. It opens up with a cool little flurry of guitar notes, then drops into a spine crushing, pounding riff that feeds into a verse of echoey vocals that gradually build in intensity, fuelled by delicious palm-muted guitars. It gives way to a chorus of huge atmospheric noise then drops into the opening booming riff.

A more laid-back second verse follows then dives back into stabbing low-tuned guitars supporting big screamed vocals that feed into chorus. Check it out in the video below:

On the track, Mike says: “Re-Identify is about dealing with the anxiety created by the modern world we all live in. More specifically it is about feeling trapped in your own mind and being unable to ‘re-identify’ yourself with the natural world of nature we all came from. It’s such a fantastic feeling that Re-Identify is now finally released. It’s been in the works for the last 4 months – it’s a blessing.”

Previous single Hypocrite Projection opens up with a big low-tuned riff answered by Linkin Park-esque scratch sounds, which feeds into an opening verse of rapped vocals “You’re living a lie, you’re living a lie, you can’t deny it, And see for yourself and nobody else around here, You’re fucking around, you’re fucking around, you’re fading, Take a deep breath… now you’ve made it.”

Screamed vocals over big descending guitars give way to a more melodic, laid-back chorus of mellow vocals “Teach me how to feel alive again, Save me from a life that’s killing me” before diving back into the huge riffs and rapped vocals. The big guitars drop out as faster rapping kicks in, leading into another chorus, then Fred Durst-like cries of “You’re a hypocrite and you’re faking it, I’m so sick of it” are followed by big booming guitars and scratching that bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

And that was the follow-up to excellent debut single Burn, which begins with big booming riff, a cry of “get the fuck up” and scratching sounds in the background. Rapped vocals kick in over high-pitched guitars and drums then big shouts of “You lit the fire, watch it burn.” It mellows a little, then a cry of “Fuck the way you think” sees it crash into another smash of the screamed vocals and booming guitars. Check it out in the video below:

The band’s sound has been honed on influences like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, as well as Nirvana and the likes of Deftones, Thornhill, Northlane and, slightly more randomly, Ben Howard. But when it comes to what inspires them to write music, things get a little deeper.

As Mike explains: “World issues, such as the overuse of technology. I’m very interested in our own species on this planet and where we are going. I believe human beings are a parasite and I feel we are coming very close to some sort of singularity, potentially an AI (artificial intelligence) take over.

“I am very into the natural world, people call me ‘nature boy.’ I often take long walks in woods to be away from people and clear my head. Personally, I also like to dig into issues about dealing with anxiety and depression – it’s a topic that needs to be discussed.”

The future looks very bright for this exciting trio, who’ve just signed with Diafol Management and head into the studio to record five new tracks in early 2019 ahead of a spring tour.

Indeed, this promise saw them support Pitchshifter at SWX Bristol last month, on which Mike says: “Supporting Pitchshifter was by far the best gig we have done. The experience was amazing. The lads in Pitchshifter were so kind to us and the crowd were loving us. It was such an honour to play in such a massive venue.

“We’re just at the start of this journey and we’re incredibly excited. We’re going to give Profiler our all and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. We want to spread our message and show how dedicated we are to this project. We will not stop – we want to make this a success. Hopefully see you on the road soon.”

You can follow Profiler on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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