Introducing: Edited People

A background in music theory has fuelled the intriguing, unconventional and truly exciting sound of Leeds rockers Edited People.

The quartet of Alisha Vickers (vocals), Josh Ellinor (guitar), Thomas Whitaker (bass) and Laura Bentley first began with the former three meeting at college studying music, then went to the same University where Alisha and Josh began playing as an acoustic duo at open mic nights and bars across Leeds.

As Alisha explains: “Throughout our first year I developed my songwriting, which then gave me the interest in starting a band. When the 2nd year came around we decided that alternative music was what we wanted to do. Me and Josh wrote loads more songs and by 3rd year we got the band together meeting Laura through a mutual friend. Edited People took a long time to officially form as a band.”

However, now they have officially formed they’ve set about honing a sound that Alisha describes as “exciting, unique and theatrical.” And she expands: “I know every band says this but I genuinely think our sound is different to anyone on the scene. We explore different vocal techniques and unconventional chords/riffs as we use our knowledge of music theory. We also try to be more creative with drumbeats as we like them to mimic the other instrumentation or just have it do its own thing. We aim for each song to have a different effect on people. We spent so long crafting our sound to make sure it’s unique but still attractive to the general listener.”

The first taster of this is October’s release of debut single Feel My Skin which, as Alisha hints at, offers a rollercoaster of styles, sounds and emotions. From the eerie opening guitar lick to a booming riff that makes you pout your lips and bang your head in appreciation, and from the impressively delicate high-pitched vocals to rocky, singalong screeches.

It opens up with a light flicking guitar lick with light bass, then a more expressive version of the lick kicks in over pounding drums, and it evolves again in the form of a filthy, chuggy riff. Alisha’s engaging vocals take over, with cool high-pitched bursts, then funky “oo-oo” bursts before building up to a powerful, rocky chorus. Another floaty verse follows with Alisha’s vocals supported by a wandering guitar lick, then chuggy riffs under her cool little vocal twists. Check it out in the funky video below:

On the track, Alisha tells us: “People should expect a powerful modern twist on 90’s rock music with vocals that are not typically “rock” but give the music a unique touch.

“We’ve been writing and preparing our music for over 8 months now so it’s great to finally release our first single and have something to show people online that represents us as a band. We’re now putting a lot of time into further promoting our single in order to reach a wider audience.”

Unsurprisingly, given their varying style, the band have a range of musical influences, from No Doubt, Nothing but Thieves and Soundgarden to Kate Bush, Jeff Buckley and many more.

While in terms of her musical inspiration, Alisha tells us: “I personally draw from experiences and feelings I have at the time of writing the song. I can’t write a song about a poem or a book because it’s not something I can connect to. A lot of our current singles talk about anxiety, social media and a desperation for success and approval. I believe this is a common struggle which many young people can relate to.”

We’re excited about what we’ve heard from Edited People so far and the good news is there’s plenty more to come. They’ll be supporting Hands Off Gretel at The Old School House Venue in Barnsley on 27 December, then release their second single Midnight on 11 January. That’ll be followed by a single launch gig at Record Junkee in Sheffield on 8 February.

You can follow Edited People on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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