Introducing: The Elective

They may not have released any music yet but we’re excited about the prospect of Irish rockers The Elective, who promise their upcoming debut EP will be “dirty and infectious” songs “about life as a teen in Ireland.”

The quartet of Dylan Dermody (vocals and guitar), Conor Fennell (lead guitar), Neil Dignam (bass guitar) and David McGuigan (drums) went to school together and were in the same music class before forming The Elective in 2016. As they tell us: “We were all good mates before the band so it was inevitable that we’d all start jamming together.”

And they’ve since gone about honing a rocky sound influenced by the likes of Oasis, early Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, as well as newer bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and, slightly more surprisingly, 90s hip-hop like Notorious B.I.G.

That’s built up to the upcoming, yet to be announced, launch of their debut EP, on which they told us: “We’re very excited to release our EP, especially since it’s going to be our debut release. Expect plenty of overdriven riffs and dirty guitars but mixed with classic songwriting. Big choruses and dirty guitar driven music is what you can expect.”

We’ve had a sneak preview of what’s coming our way with lead single Let Me, which opens up with a light riff then a big blast of chords and driving drums join in. Laid-back vocals take over and pick up pace as the instrumental support increases, culminating a cry of “I know when you get off this bus, I’ll be missing you, Like I always do, Any time you’re gone, Something just feels wrong” leads into a big energetic chorus.

A second chorus drops into laid-back chords with a wah-ridden lead guitar threatening then bursting into a big solo, feeding into one rocky blast of the chorus, then a final more mellow version of it. It’s super catchy and rocky with engaging vocals that promise plenty for the debut EP.

We’re always keen to meet new Irish bands, so we asked the band for their thoughts on the local scene. They told us: “The Irish rock scene is well and thriving. Some killer bands like The Strypes, Otherkin and The Academic are taking the scene by storm. There’s also loads of killer up and coming bands coming out of Ireland too, so it’s a great scene for sure.”

Intriguingly, the band tell us they record their music themselves in their own home studio, so another EP is likely soon after the release of the debut. They’ll also be playing gigs in Dublin, around Ireland, and potentially even the UK to support the EP.

You can follow The Elective on Facebook and Instagram, with their first music coming shortly on Soundcloud.

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