Introducing: Quitters

If you’re after a bit of feel-good punk-rock that’s just about angsty enough for you to sing along and forget all the worries in life then Montpellier’s Quitters are just the ticket.

Their brand of mid-tempo punk rock fuses delicious harmonies and catchy guitar licks with more edgy, shouty choruses and big punky guitars. It can’t help but brighten up your day – and, personally, offers a bit of a throwback to one of my favourite bands, Canadian punk rockers Living With Lions.

Quitters are set to release their second EP Singing Like Nobody’s Listening on Friday (18 January), on which they tell us: “We are super excited, can’t wait! We played the five songs of our new EP on the USA and Europe tour, I think the sound is very different from the first EP, and the songs are more ‘poppy.'”

The latest taster of this is Letter to Forgotten Friends, which opens up with a catchy little guitar lick that drops into an edgy opening verse that’s pushed forward by driving drums. That flows into a fun chorus that you can’t help but jig and shout along to, while later there’s a big shoutalong section that epitomises the catchy nature of their music.

But my favourite Quitters track is the excellent My Own Worst Enemy, which jumps straight into upbeat guitars and drums then a laboured guitar lick comes in over the top. Edgy vocals take over then lead into big sinaglong vocals “I want better days, Want better nights” before the guitar lick returns. The pace drops down, then laid-back repeats of “I’m my own worst enemy” are followed by more intense cries of the same lyric. Check it out below.

On the Quitters sound, which they describe as “emotional, energetic and honest” and has been influenced by the likes of The Flatliners, The Menzingers, Iron Chic, they tell us: “We talk about what we know: passion for music, relationship, friendship, trips.”

The band are ‘veterans’ of the French punk rock scene, with Antho, Jeremy and Dookie having known each other for more than a decade through touring life, and met Romain at a punk rock gig.

And on the French scene, they tell us: “We don’t have a huge scene in France but we do have good bands like Traverse, Shut Up Twist Again, Intenable, Not Scientist. And we have many different punk rock scenes like oï, hardcore, noise.”

We’re loving the sound of Quitters, their brand of punk rock is fun, melodic and approachable yet angsty and emotionally charged in equal amounts.

You can follow Quitters on Facebook, and check out their music on BandcampSpotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and YouTube.

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