Introducing: I Cried Wolf

Oxfordshire rockers I Cried Wolf brought a three-year hiatus to an end in fine fashion at the end of last year. It’s a welcome return for a band that fuses high-energy punkiness with big bouncy riffs, succulent solos and moments of pure heaviness – which frontman Harry Davies told us his landlord described as “Fast, loads of energy, and you can even understand some of the words!”

Having completed the current lineup, completed by Alex Gibbons and Louie Hodgson (guitars), Jacob Rudman (bass) and Oli Hampshire (drums), back in 2015, the Banbury quintet were in the studio two weeks later then released Hollow Heart the next year. But a three year wait was broken by the release of single BRKN just before Christmas.

As Harry explains: “We had actually begun the recording process back in 2017, we went with a new producer to see if it would compliment the direction this new material was taking. When we got the mixes back, they weren’t what we were after all, so we went back to Sam Winfield (Studio 91) who recorded our last release. He absolutely gets us and knows how to get the best from us. It seems silly to have even thought about recording with anyone else in hindsight. We had Robin Adams (ex-Red Seas Fire) mix the songs, and Acle Kahney (Tesseract) master them, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

It’s certainly an impressive return for the band. BRKN opens up with an edgy opening riff that dives into a heavier repeat over driving drums. It jumps back in amid wild darting guitars in a verse of edgy vocals “You’ve got to give them what they want, I lost my hand, along with my cool, never saw it again, To this extent, I guess I’m B.R.K.N” then a mass of shouted vocals.

That drops into a more melodic chorus with cool backing synths under repeats of “You’re better off broken.” More intense shouty vocals return in a verse of “Remove this man, he’s got a broken heart, Send him to the eternal dark with the rest of em, The butchers, the fakers, the innocence breakers, Constantly carried by awful behaviour, it’s the fear, face the crime.”

That gives way to an awesome solo by Alex that rips away over chugging guitar chords then feeds into cries of “Give them what they want.” That drops into a final smash of the chorus before finishing on huge smashes of guitar and big shouted vocals.

And Louie tells us the new track has been an immediate success: “The reaction has been incredible! Right off the bat, we got added to the New Blood playlist on Spotify, it’s looking to become our most streamed song just over a month after release. It’s really great for us to come back after, let’s be honest, much longer than we had anticipated, and see that people still care and are checking us out.

“To anyone that hasn’t heard it expect a high-octane, bouncy track with a hooky chorus and, in my opinion, the best solo Alex has ever performed.” Decide for yourself in the video below:

The I Cried Wolf sound is influenced by a shared love of bands like Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, while Harry tells us: “My biggest inspiration comes from all the bands that fall under the umbrella of the almighty Mike Patton. Like hell can I come close to the vocal ability, but his performance and delivery style is truly what I’ve clung most in all my years of music. Specifically Faith No More, Mr Bungle and his brief stint with The Dillinger Escape Plan.”

On what inspires their music, Harry told us: “Lyrically, they’re all quite close to the heart for me, covering various points of my life. I try not to make that too obvious, so people can attach their own meaning to the lyrics. Saying that; BRKN is specifically about remaining positive and getting back on the horse. Giving it your best shot even though you don’t feel like your true self. Hopefully, some people can relate to that.

“It’s somewhat of a cliché to say that music gives you purpose, but there are few things that can rival the joy you get from experiencing a great concert, as either a spectator or the spectacle so to speak. Sure, you have dreams of being a big rockstar, but the reality is that you do it because you love it, and can’t imagine being without it. Music is a very social thing as well, some of greatest friendships were forged in service station car parks. You meet so many interesting people by performing and travelling.”

Luckily, it seems highly unlikely we’ll have to wait another three years for our next dose of I Cried Wolf. The band plan to have more singles released through 2019 and are currently finalising the accompanying media and release strategy. And, you can see them in the flesh alongside the mighty wars and Lastelle next month, with more tours, one-off shows and potentially festival appearances being planned. More info on upcoming gigs is here.

As Harry adds: “Nothing can sell us more than our live show, so come down. Louie has trotted off to London to live his dream of making other people look incredible with big, pretty lights: so we’ve got ourselves big pretty lights as a consequence! Plus, all the other chaos that occurs throughout our sets – we’re somewhat known for our onstage antics and shenanigans.”

You can follow I Cried Wolf on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, grab their merch here, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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