New Music Friday Round-Up: 25 January

Our first round-up of the week’s best new music in 2019 – oops, been busy! – has been well worth the wait, with a host of great new tracks for you to wrap your ears around.

This week, we have a series of great new EPs from British bands and a real treat of new music from some great new metal bands from Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany. Read on below and turn it up loud!

wars – As Within // So Without (EP)

What better way to kick off new music in 2019 with a brilliant new EP from Rugby rockers wars. Their first ‘long form’ release since their debut album back in early 2016 is an absolute blinder that offers a glimpse into where the band is going stylistically, and offers a fitting reminder of their ability to fuse full-on heaviness with delicious melody.

Read out our review of the EP in full here. And check out latest single and EP opener Scorn and Fidelity for a taster in the video below:

As Within // So Without is out now through A Wolf At Your Door Records on Spotify. You can follow wars on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Chapter and Verse – Glow (EP)

East London’s finest are back with today’s release of their second EP Glow. A major highlight is the brilliant Magazines, which opens up with rolling drums, a reverby noise then a big rolling guitar riff before Josh’s edgy vocals kick in over the top. The track ends with an explosion of rocky goodness over a big held vocal, then huge riffs lead us into a powerful final chorus and a big smash of filthy guitars. Check it out in the video below:

The EP also includes a couple of live renditions of tracks, including an appearance from Courage My Love vocalist Mercedes Arn-Horn. Check out our full review of the EP here.

Glow is out now on Spotify and iTunes. You can follow Chapter and Verse on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Cuecliché – Look At The Pictures (EP)

Some fun, fast-paced punk-pop for you with the second EP from London-based Cuecliché.

The EP kicks off in impressive fashion with the high-pitched, descending guitars in the intro to lead single Save Me. That drops into a verse of classically emotional punky vocals over palm-muted guitars then dives into a big singalong chorus. A second chorus feeds into a cool atmospheric section ith the vocals “Out of the darkness and into the light, So sick of hiding away out of sight,” the instruments drop out and feed into a final blast of the chorus and opening darting guitars.

That’s followed by Take It Away, which opens with low palm-muted guitars that continue under low vocals before exploding into life with punky guitar chords, driving drums supporting catchy vocals. An equally catchy singalong chorus follows “Take it all, To get away, I’ll be OK, I’ll have the world… Take it all, To get away, We’ll still be lost but I’m OK, I don’t need anything at all. A more lively second verse takes over, then the chorus leads into a big guitar solo that drops into a pause for breath before a final chorus. Have a listen in the stream below:

Puzzle Piece begins with a classic pop-punk opening blast of guitars then a verse of vocals over palm-muted guitars. That feeds into a chorus that you can’t help but bounce along to then drops into a funky blast of punky guitars. Another funky guitar solo briefly leads into an energetic final chorus.

And penultimate track It’s All Over has a very Sum-41 feel to the opening palm-mutes followed by high-pitched twizzles. That feeds into a catchy opening verse with the high-pitched vocals “We find a way to make it hurt, And we find a way to block the hurt, And still keep moving on, Just keep holding on.” And the catchiness continues in the chorus of dual vocals that ends on a return of the intro guitars. The second chorus gives way to big booming guitar chords and doomy cymbal blasts, which drop into drawn-out guitars and a darting riff that gradually build into a last blast of the chorus supported by a piercing guitar lick then a final taster of the fun riff and pounding drums. Check it out in. the stream below:

The EP closes with the delicious, emotionally charged Prince Of Nowhere, which opens with the laid-back vocals “I’m scared I’ll never be good enough, So I hide in a world of make believe, I’m lost there every single day, I try searching for reason, And I try to be everything you ask, If you’re the King of Nothing I am the Prince of Nowhere.” Big high-pitched guitars kick in as the vocals intensify, then drop into another chilled verse that slowly builds into another powerful chorus. A big solo appears out of nowhere, adding to the anthemic qualities of this impressive final track, which is the perfect ending to highly enjoyable EP.

On the EP, Terry tells us: “People should probably expect a natural growth. Musically, lyrically and on a production level I think this EP is a huge maturing of the band. I think it definitely builds on our earlier stuff, people who have heard it so far have said a lot of the same things they said about our first EP but just that it’s better and more distinct. There’s still a great mix of our influences with a strong hit of originality, big guitars and strong dual vocals.”

Look At The Pictures is out now on YouTubeSpotify and iTunes, and you can follow Cuecliché on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

The Wild Strays – Banished From The Heavens (EP)

Stafford rockers The Wild Strays, who we first introduced you to back in May last year, will release their debut EP tomorrow.

The EP opens up with a stormy intro, which feeds into the lively guitar chord intro to Broken Glass. Punchy guitars continue through an opening verse of edgy vocals then feeds into a big singalong chorus with fast-paced looping guitars in support. There’s a fun hard rock feeling to the looping guitars, which come to the fore in a long instrumental after the second verse and finishes on a fun rock-out with guitars and drums co-ordinating to build up to a big guitar solo.

Next, 9 Lives opens up with a fun little guitar lick that’s soon joined by a chugging bassline and feeds into a gruff burst of guitar chords. It returns through a verse of vocals supported by a big rocky background. Another fun guitar solo creeps in towards the end of the track, and feeds into a big rocky outro. Check it out in the video below:

The band’s delicious hard rock sound is in full flow on Guilty Of My Innocence, which opens with a fun rocky guitar riff that feeds into an edgy opening verse. It bursts into life with a big singalong chorus that’s driven forward by pounding drums and drops back into frontwoman KT Eden’s almost spoken vocals. A cry of “I swear to tell the truth, The whole and nothing but, So help me, God” issues in another awesome guitar solo that drops into a couple of repeats of the engaging chorus.

A little bass solo Dodo Doom – which former bassist Jake wanted to record before he left to join the Army – leads into highly enjoyable penultimate track Own Personal Hell. A chugging bass and building drums alongside bursts of guitar build up to rolling guitar chords under a high-pitched guitar lick. A verse of spoken vocals explode into a catchy chorus “Break down the doors, Blood stain the floors, To fly through the walls, I’m taking it all.”

It goes out with the more punky Self-Entitled, with fun bouncy guitar chords leading into singalong opening vocals supported by a fuzzy bassline then intensifying with joining guitar chords and lively drums.

On the band’s sound, KT told us: “It’s always hard to distinguish sound. We have a very unique blend, with my vocals and Grace’s beautiful lead licks lapping in and out of the background of verses and choruses. Jake’s thumping technical basslines and Spice’s flare on the drums lead to an exciting mix of hard rock with a sprinkle of metalcore, with a punk but melodic vocal.”

We couldn’t have summarised it better ourselves. The Wild Strays’ debut effort is a really fun mix of rock and metal with engaging punky overtones, and well worth checking out.

Banished From The Heavens is out tomorrow on Spotify, and you can check out more of their music on Soundcloud and YouTube. You can follow The Wild Strays on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

InVisions – Too Little, Too Late (Single)

Seriously savage stuff from the York metal mob, our New Band of the Week back in June 2017, with the latest single from their upcoming second album.

Opening up with eerie synth sounds it soon drops into a mass of low-tuned guitars, then a barrage of scary screamed vocals. Stabbing high-pitched guitars kick in then a cry of “I hope it eats you alive” is answered by a huge throat-wrenching scream of “alive” alongside the eerie synth sounds, then a “bleugh” scream drops into another smash of huge vocals. A funky little riff jumps in, then everything drops out before exploding into another huge metal mash-up. It’s heavy and intense, and we love it.

Too Little, Too Late is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow InVisions on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Lexytron – I’m Not A Disco (Single)

Time to drop the pace a little with the second single from London-based singer Lexytron, who we introduced you to back in November. It opens up with synthy sounds that continue under light verse beginning “So I thought I would tell you that you make me sad, So I thought I would tell you that you make me mad.” Guitar chords kick in during a lively chorus that ends with cool fast-paced repeats of “I’m not a disco.” There’s a cool key change that leads into a rocky outro of layered vocals and repeats of “I’m not a disco,” “You can’t dance around with me,” and “I’m not a glitter ball.”

I’m Not A Disco is out now on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and you can follow Lexytron on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Tiger Mimic – Elephant Skeleton (EP)

The London-based New Yorkers released their debut EP last Friday, which is filled with their random vocals and fun dual vocals shared between Jess Rhodes and Bram Johnson.

It opens up with the delicious title track Elephant Skeleton, which opens up with a light guitar lick that drops into Bram’s cool jumpy vocals “And then the icy cold raindrops fell so fast, And you counted them, The amount of them, As they passed as though you just expected the math to lay it out and then explain it all at last.” Jess’ vocals join in through a second verse that drops into more laid-back vocals supported by eerie synth sounds.

A brief guitar lick bridges into Bram’s awesome line “And soon the wounds became too big to ignore, Like an elephant skeleton at the door, And no-one knows what it was put there for, Or what it means and how could we know for sure.” Jess’ vocals flow back in over the synths once more, then it suddenly switches up with palm-muted guitars and synth noises under the delightfully random dual vocals “The dandelion whisp floats ever further from their lips forgetting in a passing instance where it’s been.” Check it out in the video below:

There’s a rockier edge to second track Don’t Cover Up My Eyes, then I Took Off My Body opens up with Jess’ light vocals supported by a little guitar lick, which bridges into a rockier, edgier riff over Jess’ more intense vocals “Waiting in the dark, waiting for a light.” It builds into a rock-disco track with repeats of “waiting in the dark” dropping into a funky guitar solo over a fun drumbeat.

Chunky guitar chords open up Salt Woman before Bram’s fast-paced vocals kick in supported by bursts of guitar, then dropping into Jess’ laid-back high-pitched vocals over light guitar and a sweeping synth sound.

The EP closes with seven-minute finale In The Distance, which begins with Jess’ drawn-out vocals that gradually intensify and build into delicious high-pitched cries. The track builds into a laid-back little guitar lick and atmospheric noise, which perfectly summarises an enjoyable, highy diverse EP.

Elephant Skeleton is out now on SpotifySoundcloud and iTunes, and you can follow Tiger Mimic on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Two And A Half Girl – Strayed From The Path (Single)

The Dutch metal crew’s second single gives us a good taster of what’s to come from their debut EP, which is out two weeks today.

Repeating high-pitched guitars support frontwoman Juliet’s fast-paced, intense opening vocals then big chugging chords kick in before jumping into an atmospheric chorus. The second verse increases in intensity with shouted backing vocals before swiftly launching into a second chorus. Suddenly everything drops out bar filthy stabbing guitars that continue under big screams of “My mind’s been infected, Left my heart neglected” from Juliet. Then those lyrics return in a heavy ending to the track.

Strayed From The Path is out now on SpotifyDeezeriTunesGoogle Play and Amazon, and you can follow Two And A Half Girl on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Faminehill – Ruin (Single)

Sticking with the European metal theme brings us to the Hungarian colossus that is Faminehill. We love the band’s fusion of melody and pure savagery, and we’ll chatting to them very soon, so stay tuned.

Ruin is a perfect example of this. An intro of light flickering guitars under high-pitched vocals swiftly intensifies with palm-muted guitrs then explodes into a barrage of low-tuned guitars and booming screamed vocals. A more intense second verse drops into seriously good low guitars then a melodic singalong section of vocals over a high-pitched lick. A moment of atmospheric reflection is smashed apart by chugging guitars and savage screams.

Ruin is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Faminehill on Facebook and Instagram.

Traveller – Akogare (Single)

And a final blast of more awesome new European metal from this exciting German quartet, whose melodic hardcore sound forms the backdrop for their socially critical, ethically motivated, political messages.

Akogare is indicative of their intense, yet melodic sound. It opens up with light guitars then a winding guitar lick and building, rolling drums launch into a mass of low-tuned guitars and wild screamed vocals. A series of huge low growls permeate the vocals, then launch into a slightly more melodic chorus that ends on booming guitars. It’s seriously heavy, yet intriguingly melodic.

Akogare is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Traveller on Facebook and Instagram.

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