Introducing: HOMEFRONT

Australian alternative rockers HOMEFRONT offer up an intriguingly diverse brand of pop-punk meets all manner of heavier rocky influences.

The Brisbane quartet first formed with vocalist Peter Harvey and guitarist Navada Snow-Walters trying to get another project off the ground, then the latter brought his school pal Damian Field (bass) on board. A few member changes and lineup shuffles later they met drummer Connor Robins, and the band was set.

They released debut EP Outgrown at the end of last month, which offers a fascinating insight into their diverse sound. The EP title itself symbolises growth and moving forward through tough times, while also portraying how the band have matured as musicians and how their sound is changing and evolving.

In just four tracks it blends everything from post-hardcore, emo and rock on top of the catchy melodies borne out of their pop-punk roots. As the band tell us: “We are incredibly excited to show off what we have been working on over the past months. The really cool thing about it for us is that there‚Äôs kind of a song on there for everyone. It has tracks ranging from a heartfelt ballad to a hardcore-inspired song with a breakdown.”

It opens up with a bang with the punchy guitar chords and driving drums in the intro to Low Light. A vocal dominated verse picks up with palm-muted guitars before diving into a big catchy chorus. The second chorus feeds into a cool section of rolling vocals “I’m tired of this waiting, These memories are fading, Luminating thoughts and feelings I can’t get through my head” that feed into a final blast of the chorus.

Chunky bass opens up Blindside, then feeds into a big blast of high-pitched guitars that drop into a verse that gradually intensifies courtesy of low chugging guitars. A lively singalong chorus follows, of which the second drops into a bridge of palm-muted guitars before more powerful vocals and big rocky guitars that take us to a heavy ending.

That’s contrasted completely by the light, melodic Goodnight Goodbye. And it ends in more pop-punk fashion, with the lively Satellite, with punchy guitar chords nicely offsetting the big singalong vocals.

Digging further into what inspires their music, the band tell us: “We try and produce music that is honest and genuine, so generally writing from first hand experiences and drawing from our own personal struggles and successes. This EP touches on a lot of serious issues we have dealt with, ranging from depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, self-loathing, and attempts to overcome these. We are also strong advocates for human rights and equality and strive to influence change however we can.”

We don’t meet too many Australian bands, and this is only our second from Brisbane. On their local scene, the band told us: “The current scene is definitely on the up. A few years ago there was a period where a lot of established bands called it a day, so we are currently at a point where a lot of new bands, or bands that may not have received the recognition they deserved previously, are sharing the spotlight. Everyone is pretty close-knit because the area of venues for bands to play in Brisbane is pretty compact, so everyone gets to know each other and become friends pretty easily and generally all support each other.”

The band will be releasing more new music as well as playing plenty of shows through 2019. And as they tell us: “We are incredibly proud of our debut EP and we hope you love it as well, make sure to get in touch or catch us at a local tour date if you enjoy it!”

You can follow HOMEFRONT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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