The Final Clause of Tacitus reveal exciting animated album project

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you’ll know that the music industry is changing. Fast. In fact, modern life generally is changing exponentially as technology evolves the way we work, live, consume entertainment and interact with one another.

So with that in mind, musicians have to innovate and move with the times. And that’s exactly what Reading funk-rap-metallers The Final Clause of Tacitus are doing with the launch of their debut album Antiquity.

The UK’s answer to Rage Against The Machine – and our New Band of the Week back in January 2017 – have teamed up with a local animator, Hot Frog Animations, to launch the album track by track every month through the rest of the year alongside a new chapter in the movie. Working with local talent, the band hope to show the world that you don’t need a million pound contract or record deal to produce something special.

As vocalist Matt tells us: “Yes (the music industry) definitely is changing. I mean I’m sure that is a constant thing and bands are always trying to stay ahead of the game, and that’s exactly what we are doing here. We haven’t seen anything like this before, so I would like to think this may even influence others to try this as well? It’s all about streaming now and the visual side of things is so important. Music video and YouTube hits are as important as streams on Spotify. They even count as records sold in the eyes of the people who do the UK charts.”

Digging into the band’s album plan, Matt explains: “Different is exactly what we were going for. We have released two EP’s in the past 2 years as a band and we wanted to release an album, a piece of work that almost told a story. The problem is, without the backing and funds from a label, as an unsigned band we had to think of a unique way to make us stand out from the crowd. Not just release an album’s worth of music and then by the end of the year the engagement is lost. So we liked the idea of releasing one track, every month to keep listeners interested and to keep our social media’s etc active.”

“Ashley from Hot Frog animations is in a local band in Reading and is friends with our drummer, and he actually did the animated video for our song 7 Years. So I had this idea that every song we released each month would have an animated video, each part telling the next chapter in the story. So by the time the album comes to a close, you put all the songs/videos together and it will be one big movie. This also means that hopefully, people who tune in to us say 3 or 4 songs into it, will want to go back and listen from the beginning so they can watch the whole movie!”

In terms of what we should expect musically from the album, well lots of funky, groove-heavy rap metal goodness that we’ve come to expect from TFCOT! Check out the video to 7 Years, the opening track from their debut EP, to get a taster for the TFCOT sound.

But lyrically, Matt tells us there’s a darker edge to it. He told us: “This album definitely touches on the darker side of life. I have been going through one of the toughest years of my life with illness in the family etc.. and I think that came out a lot in my writing the lyrics. There is song in there about my take on depression, but then it’s also about overcoming and not letting anyone put you down. This album is still as funky as what you are used too, just with extra crunch, upbeat and in your face.”

While on the videos accompanying the tracks, Matt explains: “What I have seen so far of the animation, it’s perfect! Ashley’s style is just amazing and the dark animation he manages to portray is nothing short of genius. We are all bursting to show the world what we have coming!”

The Antiquity project is bigger than anything both The Final Clause of Tacitus and Hot Frog Animations have done before, let alone being bigger and more ambitious than anything else currently being done. It offers hope and excitement for anyone in the music industry and anyone with a passion to make music, videos or generally creatively minded that innovation is both possible and necessary.

Prepare for the new era launching this Friday (1 March). In the meantime, follow The Final Clause of Tacitus on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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