New Band of the Week: Bury The Traitor

With a name like Bury The Traitor you’re well within your rights to expect something pretty damn heavy. And luckily for you, the Derby quintet deliver it in spades with a deliciously riff-filled heavy metal experience that will be sure to dust off the Monday morning blues.

The quintet of Oli Loewenbach (vocals), Martyn Sheridan (rhythm guitar and vocals), Scott Day (lead guitar), Martyn Emmett (bass) and James Cordall (drums) first formed in early 2016 through the culmination of their joined passion for heavy metal music. They met in various different ways, clicked straight away, had a few practices, started writing and recorded debut EP Anchored within six months of being a band. As they tell us: “Essentially, we’ve become best mates who write music together and travel the country to spread the word and support it.”

The band released their second EP Ascend To Clarity last month, which opens up with the laid-back introduction to Embers, which eventually explodes into a mass of guitars and driving drums under.

That nicely leads into the lively intro to Season To Burn, which sees heavy guitars open up then drops into a lively chorus of edgy screamed vocals over a darting riff. Clean vocals take over in the chorus over big doomy drums and lively guitars.

That’s followed by most recent single A.S.I.F, which opens up with big jumpy guitars that feed into a big cry of “Up high in your castle, looking down from the sky. As an empire grows, we all fall as the world dies.” Big guitars kick in and give way to a chorus of wild, fast-paced vocals over driving drums then huge guitars join in support. A hugh-pitched guitar lick then comes in over clean vocals “They never said we weren’t coming home. A new beginning or a dusty tomb? There’s no way out, all alone.” Another powerful chorus is followed by a huge guitar solo that ends with big high notes over screamed vocals and gives way to what you think is one final smash of the chorus, only for Martyn S to step it up a notch with a key change into some seriously impressive high vocals. It then finally comes to an end with a big smash-up of heavy guitars and screamed vocals. It’s an asbolutely epic metal treat.

On the lead track they told us: “The reception has been awesome, it’s been even better than we had hoped! The track is a riff-filled heavy metal sledgehammer that combines crushing breakdowns with infectious hooks and an anthemic chorus.” Check it out in the video below:

The heavy goodness keeps on coming in previous single Heads Down, Thumbs Up, which begins with driving guitars and drums in a huge intro. The driving guitars continue with cheeky flickering high notes and simply crushing drums under powerful vocals . Clean vocals then take over “Humanity will try to rain on your parade, But maybe its all us to blame, They say that sickness will be healed in time, But mark my words, We’ll pay the price.” Another energetic verse kicks in, ending on the intense lines “What kind of place is this, They deliberately fight the defenceless, We’re all trapped in this cancer called humanity.”

Spoken vocals briefly come in, end on a funky effect, and are overpowered by an onslaught of stabbing guitars. Huge screamed vocals take over along huge drums, then it ends on a big atmospheric final chorus. It’s seriously impressive.

Penultimate track Lion Vs Wolf opens up with lively guitars then distant vocals give way to huge screamed vocals over a fast-paced guitar solo and doomy drums. A darting riff kicks in in a more bouncy second verse that gives way to impressive clean vocals.

And the EP goes out with the six-minute long When Lust Dethrones Loyalty. It opens up in grandiose fashion with big high-pitched vocals from Martyn, then drops into low-tuned guitars that give way to more laid-back clean vocals. Oli’s dominating screams then take over briefly, before another prolonged section of clean vocals. A pause for breath mid-way through gradually builds with clean vocals over crescendoing stabbing guitars before a spinning high-pitched guitar takes over in an atmospheric ending.

It’s an epic conclusion to a truly impressive EP that fuses hard-hitting metal riffs and power with moments of melodic intensity. Check it out below:

On the EP they tell us: “We’ve been sitting on it for nearly a year now so it feels like a long time coming. The EP itself is about how we are affecting our world and overcoming adversity to gain a new perspective – It’s a heavy metal EP that culminates all of our favourite bands such as While She Sleeps, Architects and Killswitch Engage. It’s a riff-laden journey from start to finish, with soaring choruses and huge hooks, we can’t wait to play it live, it’s going to go off!”

And on what inspires their music, the band tell us: “There are absolutely loads of topics that influence us to write. Everything from personal struggles to wide spread issues that affect us all.

We’ve all brought very different musical tastes within the rock world to the table; from metalcore to alternative rock to pop-punk to more progressive stuff within the scene. If we were to narrow down our biggest influences, we draw from bands including Trivium, Wage War, Of Mice & Men and Killswitch engage, although there are many, many more that have influenced us.”

This is one of the most exciting new metal bands we’ve discovered in a while. Their latest EP is simply superb, with delicious contrasts between the seriously heavy verses and engaging melodic choruses, and their debut EP is also well worth a listen.

The band are always writing new material and have plans to start the recording process for their debut album at some point this year. And expect to see them on the road somewhere near you very soon.

You can follow Bury The Traitor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

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