Introducing: Travelers

Virginia Beach duo Travelers have undergone an interesting musical change of direction, moving from riff-heavy rock to more of an electro-rock approach.

The pairing of Tom Kearns (vocals) and Brandon Jenkins (drums) have been making music together since the end of 2015. As Tom puts it: “I’ve been playing in bands since I was 13. I’ve always wanted to travel the world playing music. When I met Brandon, I saw this fidgety energetic guy with no outlet for his energy, so I taught him what little I knew about drums and Travelers was born. I’ve always been drawn to music, I feel like it’s the best way to bring up problems/issues that don’t get talked about in normal conversation.”

And on the shift in sound, Tom told us: “Becoming a duo definitely inspired our new electronic sound. It’s really difficult to create a full rock sound with just two guys, not to mention we were getting bored playing just rock music. We felt like we were in a box, so we broke out of the box, keeping some of our heavier edge and mixing it with something new that we feel is more true to who we are as people.”

Latest track UH OH, opens up with stabby synths and grandiose “la la la” vocals then funky “uh oh” vocals in time with keyboard notes before bursting into a catchy chorus over heavier synth and driving drums. Watch the video below:

While pevious single White Rabbit fuses funky synth sounds with a rockier edge in its catchy choruses. Check it out below:

As Brandon says on the two tracks “White Rabbit and Uh Oh will represent a couple of sides of our new sound. Expect them to be very different!”

And both are in fairly stark contrast to their previous heavier edge, from which we love the sound of the edgy, rifftastic Dmns, back in 2016. Give it a listen below.

Their eclectic sound has been borne out of key influences My Chemical Romance, Johnny Cash, Bring Me the Horizon and U2.  and led to them playing a whole host of cool gigs, including playing alongside The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. On that Tom told us: “Oh it was amazing! The crowd was very receptive to us and showed a lot of love. Playing with Red Jumpsuit was a childhood dream of mine come true. It was very surreal.”

The duo are busy playing local shows and heading back into the studio so stay tuned for more very soon. We’re intrigued to see how their electro sound evolves, and if we’ll see a return to their heavier edge.

Outside of music, Brandon tells us: “We’re really good at Super Smash and Rocket League, we’ll take any challengers.” And, for a further challenge, Tom adds: “Brandon’s phone number is hidden somewhere on our website.”

You can follow Travelers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play and YouTube.

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