Introducing: Cellar Door Moon Crow

Bearded blues-rock brothers Phil and Tom Goodwin were destined for musical excellence from a young age. Their dad got them playing classical music from as young as 7, they began blasting out cover versions at around 14 and, various bands and ventures later, they’re ready to unleash the birth of rock-meets-blues-meets-hip-hop project Cellar Door Moon Crow upon the world.

This will come about with the launch of their debut album You Got This on 5 April, and it’s safe to say they’re getting us excited about what we should be expecting. As Tommy delightfully puts it: “The listener can expect an insight into our journey, covering a range of topics from childhood to parenthood dressed up with riffage and beats that would make Jimmy Page cry in the arms of Dr Dre.

“Imagine an orgy in heaven between Malcom Young, Tupac, and Cilla Black and the baby is born by rock’n’roll Virgin Mary Jenna Jameson in a penthouse Vegas hotel suite with Ice Cube, Billy Gibbons and Jack White as the three wise men observing from rooms bar sipping G’n’Ts.”

The album has been made possible through a Pledge Music campaign. On that Tommy told us: “It’s been massively important! It’s given us the opportunity to share with our fans the ‘Access Pass,’ which enables them to have a real insight into CDMC, gaining access to fresh tunes, studio footage and bags of ‘goodies’ all the way up to the release of our debut album.”

And we also quizzed the guys on the creation process, which is vastly different to your average band’s debut album. Tommy told us: “We have the luxury of our own Recording Studio ‘Fat Elephant’ in South Yorkshire, so we’ve had full control. Writing the songs came organically in our home habitat, it was producing them that I believe became the real creative journey.

“We were able to dissect the tracks, undergo surgery and jump back and forth, back and forth building them up – or stripping them down. CDMC’S sound has evolved from rock with a taste of blues, with an additional urban vibe. Spitting words over a drum machine beat. Might not have expected the vibe to be so strong but I guess I would say that’s the area I’ve particularly enjoyed!”

The Cellar Door Moon Crow sound is quite an assault on the senses, fusing huge beats with flying guitars and distorted vocals, with organ and piano melodies thrown in for good measure.

Our first taste of it is the excellent Whistler, which opens up with reverby sounds and guitar noise then a naughty distorted riff and distinctly Jack White-esque engaging vocals “Hiding in the shadows, Taken by surprise, With a skip in your walk and a whistle, There could be no demise” that instantly suck you in. Dual vocals “Take me by the hand, Try to understand, Never let go, Never let go” kick in and give way to a mass of fuzzy guitars and spoken vocals. Big bursts of fuzzy, bluesy guitars then repeats of “Say my name” build up the noise levels before one final smash of the energetic chorus. Check it out in the saucy video below:

There’s five more singles for you to treat your ears to ahead of the album launch, but you can expect riff-heavy wildness throughout. As well as the hip-hop-influenced but still awesomely rocky East to the West, which is a little bit different… check it out below:

Their musical influences range from the likes of Jack White, Oasis, AC/DC and Bob Dylan through to Beastie Boys, Dr Dre, Ice Cube and Eminem. So expect plenty of intriguing stylistic electica!

And on what inspires their music, Tommy tells us: “A mixture really, largely personal life experiences, situations we’ve found ourselves in along the journey of CDMC but also situations we observe or fictitious characters and scenarios we create. We also like to write with metaphors and hidden meanings. For example, upcoming single Overdrive was inspired by lineal heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury as he overcame adversity, obesity and mental health, but you might listen to it and think we’re asking you to get up on the dancefloor.”

We’re really looking forward to hearing what’s coming our way with the album on 5 April, and it’s safe to say you should expect something exciting and eclectic. And you might want to give up shaving (for lent?) until then, as Phil tells us: “You don’t need a beard for the CDMC party but if you’ve got one it helps.”

In the meantime, you can follow Cellar Door Moon Crow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube and Spotify.

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