New Music Friday: 8 March

We’ve got a real treat of excellent new music for you this week, including new tracks from four of our former New Bands of the Week. We kick off with well overdue music from one of our favourite bands, some superb new rap-rock, plenty of new British rock and metal, some good old hard rock and a little French metal to add a little continental flair to the proceedings.

Turn it up loud and give this new music a spin!

Defences – Shatter (Single)

New music for the first time in around two years from one of our favourite bands here at GR Towers – and our New Band of the Week back in September 2017 – is an excellent way to kick-off this week’s new music feast. And it’s been well worth the wait, because Shatter is absolutely huge!

Light synth sounds kick off then a huge wall of guitars kick in, before an avalanche of huge screamed vocals from new man William Young take over. Darting guitar riffs come in in support of Cherry Duesbury’s contrasting vocals, which continue into a big singalong chorus of “Are you doing this for the right reasons, Do you even know what’s right or wrong, Are you reaching out into the smoke, It shouldn’t be this,” which is finished off by a huge scream of “Hard to see at all.”

The second chorus drops into a low synth sound, then we see a whole new side to Defences as huge screams are supported by low-tuned diving guitars and eerie synth sounds that end on big high-pitched vocals from Cherry in an almost gothic sounding section. That feeds into a more intense rendition of the chorus to bring an impressive track to an end.

An absolute banger from the Hertfordshire quintet, and we’re excited to see what else is coming soon!

You can get hold of Shatter now on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Defences on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

AT THE SUN – Leave Before The Light (Album)

Prepare for some riff-heavy goodness from the London rockers’ debut album. It starts in fine style with the delicious, chugging riff monster opening track Only A Fool.

And there’s more of the same on the lively Preacher, which begins with light vocals then a big smash of guitars that give way to a verse dominated by frontman Harry Dale’s trademark powerful vocals.

A couple of older tracks Breathe and Indestructible are also on the album, because they’re awesome, as is the saucy Walk On Over. Check it out in the video below:

But there’s also space for brand new tracks, including the excellent, more ballad-like Lifetime. It opens up with light vocals then a funky riff kicks in and drops into Harry’s vocals over light guitars. The intensity increases with high-pitched guitars coming in under the vocals, then a second chorus feeds into a big guitar solo from Chet Jogia.

This is an excellent debut album from the London rockers, chocked full of huge riffs and naughty solos in support of Harry’s classic hard rock vocals.

Check it out now on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and follow AT THE SUN on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

The Final Clause of Tacitus – Figureheads of Speech (Single)

An absolute treat of rap-rock from another of our favourite bands. But this is a little different to anything else you’ll hear this week, as the Reading band are releasing a new single on the first day of every month this year with an accompanying animated video – which will eventually form their debut album and an animated movie. Read more about the project in our write-up from last month here.

Opening up with reverby noise it soon dives into a funky darting riff then a big “Ugh” cry sees the riff intensify. Another funky riff supports the rapped vocals of frontman Matt, then big guitar chords support a shout-along chorus. A high-pitched riff kicks in, then the spinning riff returns and building drums lead into a section of big screamed vocals answered by rapped vocals with driving guitar chords pushing it along. It’s truly funkalicious while also being really heavy and rocky.

You can listen to Figureheads of Speech on Spotify, and check out the awesome animated video below and on Facebook and YouTube. And you can follow The Final Clause of Tacitus on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Show Me Your Universe – Hate (Single)

France’s finest purveyors of seriously heavy post-hardcore are back with a typically savage effort. Creepy whispers and keyboards open up, then frontman Jérémy Dubray’s intense screamed vocals take over, dropping into big low-tuned guitars over the looping keys.

There’s an eerie gothica to the track, alongside huge stabbing guitars – which come to the fore in a prolonged section of booming chords before one final smash of Jérémy’s screamed vocals.

Check out Hate on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Show Me Your Universe on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Oceans On Mars – Scars Don’t Bleed (Single)

A typically delicious new offering from our New Band of the Week back in November. It begins with lively light guitars that continue through a fun opening verse then drops into impressive calls of “Who am I?” that feed into a catchy chorus of “What can I be, I can’t see, I won’t see, Can’t you let me breathe and talk to me, So be it my scars don’t bleed, They don’t do anything to me.” A second chorus flows into high pitched vocals and rounds off with a cheeky little guitar solo.

Scars Don’t Bleed is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Oceans On Mars on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Creature – I Like You (Single)

Fuzzy guitars and grungey goodness from the Newcastle trio, our New Band of the Week back in August 2017. Latest single I Like You has more than a little Puddle Of Mudd feel to its catchy singalong choruses.

It opens up with Sam Avery’s raspy vocals over drawn-out guitars then a big drum roll sees fuzzy guitars kick in over repeats of “I like you.” A fuzzy guitar solo comes in over the top of driving chords, feeding into another catchy blast of the chorus. It’s engaging and edgy, yet laid-back and rocky at the same time, and we love it.

Check out I Like You on Spotify, and you can follow Creature on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Three From Above – Magic Monday (Single)

Remember when Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon back in 2001? Well the exciting new Liverpool trio do and it’s inspired the writing of their latest single Magic Monday. The intense guitar-led track aims to encapsulate the emotion, tension and elation of a sporting final.

The track opens up with a little bassline then tremolo guitar under building vocals. It bursts into life with big cried vocals over driving guitars then dropping into a shorter verse that opens “I’m so close, Feel the tension rise, One point more as my father cries” then dives into the lively guitars and vocals. A funky winding guitar solo takes over with support from a chugging bassline, which you can’t help but jig along to.

Check out Magic Monday now on Spotify, and follow Three From Above on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Black Coast – Ill Minds Vol. II (EP)

We’ll bring things to a heavy ending as the Stoke-on-Trent crew release their third helping of aggressive metal, and the second in the Ill Minds series. It opens in impressive fashion with the huge Act II, which opens with booming guitars that continue through a verse of powerful screamed vocals. The huge driving guitars continue throughout in this impressive opening track.

The pick of the tracks may well be Weird, which kicks off with an awesome riff that continues through a lively opening verse. Huge pounding drums come in as the vocals intensify further, then a diving riff further increases the anxiety levels. It’s a seriously intense track.

Check out Ill Minds Vol. II now on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Black Coast on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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