Introducing: Soul Desire

Match big metal guitars with searing, sultry vocals and you’re almost always going to be onto a pretty special combination. And that’s exactly the case with Cheshire’s Soul Desire, who’ve honed a truly thrilling alt-metal sound.

It’s safe to say the trio of Becky Jade (vocals), Rob Leach (guitar) and Chris Smith (bass) know each other fairly well. Rob and Chris played football together growing up in the same village and have always been into similar music, while Chris and Becky are engaged. And, not content with that, they formed from the ashes of former band One Last Run last year, and quickly set about releasing a formidable debut EP.

It opens in heavy fashion with a big alt-metal guitar blitz in the opening to Rapture. Becky’s edgy vocals come in over palm-muted guitars then explode into huge, powerful, high-pitched cries “You’re playing with fire, You’re a liar, ‘Cos I know there’s no desire, All you did was take take take, Cos you’re a loyal fake, You should learn from your mistakes.” That feeds into a delicious singalong chorus, then drops into a huge smash-up of guitars and drums. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by the superb Ignite, which opens up with booming guitars and drops into Becky’s delicious vocals over light guitars. That builds up to impressive repeats of “What are you waiting for” then huge high-pitched vocals “So live your life in a new way, Would you seek the light? Would you stand and fight? Make the most out of every day, Be the fire that shines the light, Watch the sparks ignite.” These are supported by palm-muted guitars that eventually intensify into big chords. Check out this awesome track below:

The five-track EP is chocked full of this combination of meaty guitars and impressive vocals, including the excellent Dark Light. Big bouncy guitars and wild drums open up then drop into a laid-back opening verse. All instruments drop out and Becky’s cry of “New habits die fast, Let’s see how long this lasts” feeds into a huge verse of seriously impressive vocals, then a blast of heavy guitar chords. Give it a listen below:

These three tracks alone show you that Soul Desire are onto something seriously good. Becky’s vocals are ridiculous and contrast superbly against the heavy instrumental backdrop, which Rob tells us is inspired by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Mastodon and Disturbed.

And on what inspires their music, Rob tells us: “Our experiences in life. Unless the music is coming form within you and the emotions you have felt it isn’t authentic, and that can come across in the music.”

You can catch Soul Desire competing in the Metal 2 The Masses competition at EBGBS in Liverpool on April 12, with plenty more gigs due to be announced. More info on all their gigs is here.

You can follow Soul Desire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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