Introducing: Run Home Jack

Expect energy and plenty of it from North Carolina emo-rockers Run Home Jack, who aim to emulate the good old days of 2000s rock with modern production adding a bit of extra spice.

The band, who hail from Greensboro (around 100 miles north-east of Charlotte), initially began as a project between frontman Jersey Neese (vocals and guitar) and a few friends which, after plentiful jamming, eventually formed a debut EP. He then added Harold Godwin (drums) to the mix and is currently on the lookout for full-time members to complete the line-up, with assistance from Wes Lauterbach and Zane Frye at The Stu in Greensboro.

They just released latest single F.Y.H.T. – which features Wes, who plays in fellow Greensboro band Lowborn, who also got a shoutout when we interviewed fellow NC band MKNLY. It opens up with a cool blitz of guitars then drops into a light verse that gradually increases in intensity. The verse features lyrics that summarise the band’s mission of giving people hope: “I know your head’s filled with bad weather and you’re beginning to think that you’ve started to sink, I know you feel things won’t get better, I’m not letting you leave ’til you listen to me.”

That feeds into a chorus of lively, passionate vocals “You can fly, You can F.Y.H.T., Just find your happy thought inside, Hold it with all of your might, Don’t let them kill your light.” Palm-muted guitars come in to support a light verse then a big blast of guitars give way to another awesome high-octane chorus. Check it out in the video below:

As Jersey tells us: “I would say first and foremost to be expecting a lot of energy. This song is about fighting for what makes you happy, so we wanted to make sure the energy was similar to that. All in all this song is definitely the most feisty off our new EP and stands out in its own right.”

As mentioned up top, the Run Home Jack sound is built around 2000s rock, which is always music to my ears. As Jersey tells us: “I know I could probably sit here for an hour typing up hundreds of bands that have had some influence on me. Bands like The Used, The Spill Canvas, Senses Fail, Something Corporate and Bayside really gave me the drive to start writing music and get a band together. Linkin Park was definitely the first band that got me listening to music every day as a kid and remains my favourite band to this day.”

And in terms of their lyrical content, Jersey tells us that hope is a continuing theme they try to convey. “No matter the struggle, the hardship or the addiction, there is always hope,” he said. “Life is rough, but if we can write a song and take you out of a bad headspace even for a moment we’ve done our job as musicians. Take our newest single F.Y.H.T. for example; the song is about feeling defeated, but finding what makes you happy and not letting anything take it from you.”

The band are currently working on ideas for a video for their next single Lifeguard, ahead of releasing their second EP, Part II: I Tried, later in the spring. And, in the meantime, they’re working on getting some members finalised so they can start playing gigs again.

As Jersey adds: “We just hope we can write songs that people enjoy and can relate to. We have about six or so songs still set to come out this year so there is a lot to look forward to and we welcome anyone that wants to tag along. Lastly, to everyone that has asked on our Instagram, yes, our name is a reference to the film Hook.”

You can follow Run Home Jack on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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