Introducing: Climate Of Fear

It’s a bold claim to make but Climate Of Fear have been widely acclaimed as “the UK’s angriest new metal band.” So we had to, albeit tentatively, have a chat to discover just what was getting these lads so angry.

And we’re quickly put in our place, as the band tell us: “You only need to turn on the news for a few seconds to see the horrors of war or famine or disease or to see people tearing society apart with hatred and division and discrimination.”

The quintet of ex-Desolated man Paul Williams (vocals), George Bigneil (drums), Alfie Armour and Sam Ellis Thompson (guitars) and Owen Derrill (bass) delve into the colourful themes of anti-capitalism, anti-religion, anti-propaganda, environmental nihilism and anti-exploitation on their cheerily titled debut album The Onset of Eternal Darkness, which came out at the start of this month.

Delving into those issues further, they explain: “The world around us is our main source of inspiration. It’s impossible to turn on the TV or walk down the street without seeing or feeling the direct results of the injustices of the Capitalist system, which exploits nearly every person on earth, turns people against each other and is not-so-slowly killing the planet.

“We want to write metal music because we love the music and we want to write lyrics we feel are important. And there are few things I think more important than the global system of economic slavery that affects us all.”

At this point, you’ve probably deciphered that easy listening this is not. What it is, is deliciously brutal, ravaging metal inspired by the likes of All Out War, Behemoth, Irate and At The Gates. Think furious riffs, aggressive vocals, demonic drumming and, as an added bonus, lyrics that will actually make you think a little.

It begins ominously with repeating pianos and eerie backing vocals that introduce opening track Rapture, then huge guitars come in and the guitar picks up the opening riff. A barrage of terrifying vocals come in then a darting riff and booming chords are joined by huge driving drums under more intense vocals. It’s a dominating, loud, intense start to proceedings, including a wild guitar solo over an onslaught of instrumentals.

It delves even darker as we launch into The Cult of Retribution, with wild screamed vocals complemented by diving guitars and all manner of chugging riffs to test out the strength of your neck muscles.

Two huge quick-fire tracks in the middle of the EP epitomise the Climate of Fear sound. The brilliantly titled Centuries of Torment opens up with a huge drum roll then chugging guitars and a fun guitar noise before diving into terrifying snarls over pounding drums.

Then Storming The Heavens jumps straight into intense vocals over ferocious drums and high-pitched guitars, which drop into a chugging riff under more snarls. That then gives way to a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place in a Satanic ritual with almost ranting vocals over wild drums and a driving riff. Check it out in the video below:

Slaves of Capital gives you a glimpse into their anti-Capitalist theme. It features a savage little guitar riff, then big doomy cymbals over bursts of guitar and huge cries of “This is war” then a huge scream to sign off.

And the album goes out in a blaze of glory with the imposing Divide & Conquer, which opens with light guitars that are soon met by stodgy bursts of guitar then a chugging mass of guitars and pounding drums. Huge vocals come in then a wild flurry of guitars leads into an intense mass of low-tuned guitars and wild bass drum as the album comes to a fine conclusion.

On the album’s reception thus far, the band tell us: “Amazing so far! A lot of positive feedback and a lot of people digging it, which is great! We’re really looking forward to playing some new songs live over the next few shows!

“In terms of what people can expect, I’d say people need to listen to it for themselves and just be prepared for aggressive heavy music.”

Aggressive and heavy sum it up pretty aptly, but this album is seriously good. It’s packed with frenzied riffage, furious vocals and wild drums that will test out the neck strength of even the most seasoned headbangers – and you can only imagine how intense they are to see live.

You’ll be able to see the band for yourself as they promise to “be playing as many shows as possible in as many different places.” First up, they’re playing in Nantes in April, then they’re off to and Finland in May with more news to come shortly. But stay tuned for more here.

The band signed off with an unashamed namedrop. As they say: “I’ll take this opportunity to plug a few bands people should check out: Revolve, Casket Feeder, Underdark and Cauldron.”

So give them a listen after you’ve followed Climate Of Fear on Facebook, and checked out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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