Introducing: Pacific

When we first heard the phrase “piano-driven alternative indie” we’ll freely admit we didn’t have a clue what to expect. But the result, courtesy of Manchester band Pacific, is highly enjoyable.

The band fuse classic indie rock influences with their fairly unusual use of piano and synth, which brings a strong melodic feel to their hooky, high energy anthemic sound.

The foundations of the band began with brothers Dan and Anthony Orzel learning piano when they were young, then started writing music. After being in a few bands they eventually found Dave Bithell and Drew Burns through the local music network, and Pacific was born.

As Dan tells us: “It all comes back to the music; we just love writing it, playing it and always have a blast together.”

The most recent offering of their sound is the ridiculously catchy Clarity, which was released at the start of this month. It opens up with stabbing piano chords and bursts of synth under a darting guitar riff. Anthony’s engaging vocals jump in as a singalong chorus drops into more laid-back “Give me one more minute around you, My head keeps spinning without you.” That feeds into a big catchy chorus “Oh can you buy me some time ‘cos I got it wrong, Can you pay for my crimes ‘cos the list is long, Left to my devices I am my own worst enemy, You have found my clarity.”

Big piano chords pick up after the chorus and give way to a brief verse that quickly dives back into another big blast of the chorus. The pace drops a little with drawn-out piano and bursts of synth, then the pre-chorus vocals repeat a few times before giving way to a few big repeats of the chorus. Check it out here:

On the track, Dan tells us: “We’d say Clarity is one of our boldest songs to date – it’s a big tune that makes itself known. Expect powerful hooks and a strong chorus. We think it’s a lot of fun.”

The band’s writing is shared between brothers Dan and Ant. As Dan tells us: “Our writing process is really organic. The music takes the lead and the themes are born out of how the music makes us feel. We then jam it through together as a band and it transitions into the final song.”

To get more of a taste for the Pacific sound, check out the video for the energeticLife In Short below:

The success of Pacific’s music to date is proven by three of their local football clubs, Salford City and the slightly bigger Manchester United and Manchester City, supporting it by playing their tracks at their stadiums and in their content.

As Dan explains: “It’s been ace to have had our music associated with all three Manchester football clubs – we’re not taking sides! Man United picked up our track Dream of Mine and added it to their half-time playlist for Premier League Matches. Man City invited us to play as pre-match entertainment following our single Time to Forget.

“A friend of a friend of someone working at Salford City said they were on the lookout for music to use within their social media videos and loved our vibe – they really liked Blinded and used it a lot within their video content.”

So, City, United and Salford fans, if these guys sound familiar, then you know why!

Manchester of course has a long indie history, and Dan tells us the genre is making an overdue resurgence. “We think there’s definitely a resurgence of indie in the UK music scene at the moment, and especially in Manchester,” he said. “There are a lot of acts competing in the same indie sphere and I think it takes something a little extra to stand out now.

“Whilst we are an ‘indie’ band, we definitely have strong elements that cross genres, from alternative, rock and pop music. Our use of the piano is also quite uncommon for indie bands of today. We feel it brings something new to today’s music scene.”

There’s plenty more to come from Pacific with new music coming our way next month. Following two sold out shows in Northwich and Manchester earlier this year, they’ve just announced another headline show in Manchester at Night People on 9 September, in association with Scruff of the Neck. There’s plenty more opportunities to see them live before then, including at West Street Live in Sheffield on 4 April and in Leeds on 12 April.

You can follow Pacific on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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