Introducing: MILK

From the crimes of the Catholic church and the corrupt moral landscape to mad alternate realities – if you happen to be a Catholic priest, look away now, but for everyone else, prepare to be highly entertained by Welsh rock trio MILK.

The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk – as they’re more affectionately known by their fanbase – is a project three years in the making but is about to explode into the UK rock scene. As drummer Luke Llewellyn puts it: “Three years ago, after failing to be rock stars in previous bands, we each looked at each other, grabbed one another by the soul and swore on oath that we’d write the greatest rock songs known to man as it is the only thing that breathes life into the sagging lungs of existence upon which we all survive.”

But perhaps the best place to start with MILK – which is completed by Marcëll Davies and Grant Jones – is where we first encountered them. That’s the eye-catching Bishop’s Dick – the first track off their debut EP EP (α) ALPHA, which was released this week.

Opening up with light repeating guitars it launches into a catchy opening verse of almost spoken vocals “I’m sick of holy Catholic fucks, Those cunts are old and out of touch, Let’s burn the whole retarded church, Of paedophile sympathisers.” The vocals intensify as it continues “Those inbred, twisted, pious pricks, Protect elitist masochists, Keep fucking kids just for the kicks.” Then a big cry of “Shut up and suck the Bishop’s dick” launches into a chorus supported by winding guitar riffs under cries of “They live in sin, Repent again, For what you’ve done, The inquisition has begun.”

A second chorus drops into a cool section of fast-paced looping guitar riffs then drops into a final verse of “A secret shadowed in plain sight, Those nonces saved without a fight, The total wicked corruption, Of father, spirit and the son.” A final blast of the chorus gives way to a cool little guitar lick to finish. Check it out below:

And that tells you a lot about what you should expect. As Luke explains: “The fact that the Catholic church has been systematically raping children for millennia had a lot to do with it. That coupled with the fact that they still persist in easily getting away with it. You can shout about the environment going to shit, Trump being elected to the White House or the fact you lost the precious Brexit vote, but who is sticking up for the little kids being buggered by Bishops?”

The pace drops for the more mellow A Little Bit of Love, but ramps up again for the lively Science Is A Language. It opens up with a cool riff then a verse of fun almost shouted vocals before a big cry of “Science is a language used by mortals to distract you from reality.. Ha.. Ha,” gives way to a big funky mass of guitar. A second verse ends with a cry of “Religion is pollution to our freedom but essential to society.. Ha.. Ha,” which gives way to a wild guitar solo.

And the EP closes with near 7-minute epic Alfred The Great, which opens up with a cool guitar lick then a saucy riff. A cheeky little bass riff kicks in then the guitar echoes it in a slow and moody build-up to a laid-back opening verse of laid-back vocals. Cool dual vocals kick in as the intensity increases then bursts into a big guitar riff with cheeky flourishes thrown in. A second verse then gives way to a huge guitar solo that keeps on delivering in awesomeness, including a really cool winding section that combines with fast rolling drums and ends on piercing guitars and bass.

Oh… and there’s a little bluesy hidden track for you to explore at the end. Check it out below:

On the release of the EP, Luke tells us: “We haven’t really ever put ourselves under pressure to create a record, our live show is where we live and breathe. But people are demanding bastards and we could hold off the avalanche of requests for a record no more.

“As soon as we put our mind to it, we realised that there’s a whole new dimension that comes with writing songs for the studio. Now we are in love with it. We want to make love to it on a daily basis and fertilise its potent womb, birthing majestic sprogs of rock. So much so we are releasing for 4 EPs this year.”

Their influences are largely steeped in classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, with nods to Nirvana, The Beatles, Aerosmith and many, many more.

Speaking about what inspires their music, Luke tells us: “We like to address the ludicrousy of existence, dichotomies of reality and our place in a totally defunct and corrupt moral landscape. We also write songs about love.

“It’s like Dr Feelgood sucking Jock Cocker’s dick whilst The Stooges take it in turn to shove copies of Exile On Main St up his arse.”

And if you like what you hear then there’s plenty more to come, as they have four EPs ready to go this year! As Luke says: “We’re locked, cocked and ready to rock, doc.”

You can follow MILK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and get hold of their debut EP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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