New Music Friday Round-Up: 5 April

We’ve got some excellent new music for you to wrap your ears around this week, and from new fewer than four of our former New Bands of the Week, our favourite Swedish metal band and a couple of brand new British rock bands.

Turn it up loud and check out this feast of new, predominantly British, music.

Colt48 – Negatives (EP)

The London rock duo return with another banger of an EP chocked full of heavy riffs and engaging vocals.

Opening up with big guitars in the intro to Disconnected, it drops into an opening verse supported by palm-muted guitars. The guitars intensify a little and feed into a big singalong chorus “I’m disconnected, disrespected, Holding on somehow, Left feeling empty, Never could be forcing me to bow” that drops into the palm-muted guitars once more. It’s a hugely enjoyable, big rocky start.

And that continues with a delicious riff to open Scapegoat. The verse is supported by cool little riffs then drops into the singalong chorus “I’m no longer your victim, I won’t be another scapegoat, Too long in your guidance Speak of you in past tense, I won’t be another scapegoat.” A diving low-tuned riff follows the second chorus, then the pace drops with shimmering guitars under the chorus vocals, before launching into a final blast of the chorus.

That’s followed by a couple of tracks from last year’s mini-EP, the more laid-back, passionate Out of Habit and the riffalicious The Fire. And it closes with Lost, which opens up with a cool riff supported by driving drums. Big vocals are answered by more heavy guitars then a typically fun singalong chorus “You’ve lost your way, Just accept the pain, Nothing you can change, Can’t turn the page, Stuck in yesterday, Cannot rearrange.” Then big heavy riffage provides the perfect ending to an excellent EP.

Ascend is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp, and you can follow Colt48 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Final Clause of Tacitus – Amok (Single)

The latest in the Reading funk rockers’ mission of releasing a single at the start of every month, Amok opens up with a funky little riff under spoken vocals. The vocals intensity with cries of “I’m gonna take this town tonight” then a mass of riffs take us into a rapped opening verse with cool guitars in the background. A driving riff kicks in for the chorus of the previous vocals, before a funky little solo leads then the cool high guitars lead into a final chorus. Check out the accompanying animated video here.

Amok is out now on Spotify and YouTube, and you can follow The Final Clause of Tacitus on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

High Rise – Endeavours (EP)

One of our first ever New Bands of the Week back in November 2016, the London metal crew are back with a blinder of a new EP.

It opens up with the excellent My Solitude, Your Hopel. A chugging little riff under a synthy noise explodes into a wild smash of guitars under huge screamed vocals from frontman Jovic Staddon. The vocals drop into a mix of spoken words and screams alongside darting high-pitched guitars and relentless drums, then a big singalong chorus “And I am honestly, honestly afraid, of what we have become, It’s too late now to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

A smash of vocals and guitars takes over, then a fun little riff answered by stabs of low-tuned chords that drop into another chorus. The chorus is extended, then there’s a brief pause for breath with drawn-out chords before slowly building up to a huge mash-up of heavy guitars and screams, that drop into a final blast of the chorus.

Next up is The Fight, which opens with big screams over stabbing guitars then a cool high-pitched guitar lick over driving drums feeds into a lively opening verse. A catchy chorus launches straight into more screamed vocals in a high-energy track.

Title track Endeavours is a real high point, with a huge opening blast of big vocals and guitars. The pace drops with a brief moment of lightness, then Jovic’s vocals intensify over chugging guitars and a high-pitched lick that build up to a big chorus. You can give it a listen in the video below.

And it goes out in heavy fashion with the intense Haunting Me, which opens up with screamed vocals then a delicious bouncy riff. A big chorus of clean vocals eventually follows, then pounding drums give way to an avalanche of guitars under screamed vocals. It’s a great ending to another brilliant EP from High Rise.

Endeavours is out now on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, and you can follow High Rise on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Kill The Silence – All We Are (Single)

Our New Band of the Week from back in October 2017, the Leeds post-hardcore act are back with a deliciously good new single that features As Sirens Fall frontman Mikey Lord.

A big booming riff opens up and gives way to a verse of fast-paced vocals over palm-muted guitars and driving drums. Really engaging “The night’s still long but I feel old, Just another story told, So lets’s just try tonight” feed into a singalong chorus “All we are, All we need to be, Don’t you wonder why we do anything to get better.” It suddenly drops out then gradually builds with various iterations of the chorus then closes with a big hit of guitars.

Check out All We Are on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube., and follow Kill The Silence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Knogjärn – Likbil (Single)

Our favourite Swedish metallers with yet another absolute beauty. Low chugging guitars open up then fast-paced vocals from the brilliant
Kim Eriksson are answered by more big guitars, then a chorus of repeats of “Likbil.” But the highlight is big low-tuned bouncy guitars under a Disturbed-esque cry of “wahahaha,” then building up to a heavy ending.

Check it out on Spotify and YouTube, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Automatic Laughter – Feel the Lover (Single)

Some delicious new rock for you to check out here with the new single from London quartet Automatic Laughter.

It opens up with a deep bass-synth noise that continues under the vocals of Tara Noble, with high-pitched guitars creeping in. It gradually builds up with the vocals “Feel the pressure, feel the pain, feel the stress and never be the same,” then explodes into a big singalong chorus “Feel the lover, Is there anything or anyone that can help me get out of here.” That’s met by a cool riff and driving drums, then drops into a verse again filled with cool bassy synth.

We’re loving the sound of this, and we’ll be bringing them you more from the band very soon, so stay tuned! For now, check out Feel the Lover on Spotify, and follow Automatic Laughter on Facebook and Instagram.

Last Hounds – Running With The Dead (Single)

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but the new track from the Midlands-based hardcore punks is awesome.

It launches straight into fast-paced vocals that give way to a lively blast of guitar. Vocals are answered by guitar chords, then cries of “We gotta run, We’re running with the dead boys” lead into a lively chorus. A low repeating guitar takes over, then fast-paced vocals take over ending with “Crack, crack” and a big cry of “Boom,” then low-tuned guitars support more fast-paced vocals. An even bigger chorus, then a smash of heavy guitars and drums ensure the song goes out in style.

Check out Running With The Dead in the video below and on Spotify, and follow Last Hounds on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Babyteeth – Cut It (Single)

We’re pretty excited about the sound of this polka dot-loving new band. Their fourth single gives us a glimpse of their infectious rock sound, opening up with low vocals over palm-muted guitars that explode into a fun chorus of “Cut it, Cut it, Away away, Couldn’t cut it so you can stay away.”

Check it out Cut It in the video below and on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, and follow Babyteeth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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