New Music Friday Round-Up: 12 April

We’ve got some cracking new music for you today, including new tracks from several brand new exciting British bands, plenty of manic punk and metal, an exciting new Australian band and, potentially, a final track from one band as we know them.

Turn it up loud and enjoy this latest feast of brand new music.

Banshee – Erased (from Bubble EP)

We’ll kick off with a bit of delicious Scottish rock from Glaswegian quartet Banshee. We’ll be chatting to the band next week and taking a listen to their second EP Bubble next week, but for now here’s a taster with the EP’s delightful closing track Erased.

Light flickering synth sounds open up and continue under light guitars and the impressive vocals of Erin Donachie, followed by a super-catchy chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Check out Bubble on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Banshee on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bear Witness – Perfect Living (Single)

Another new band we’ll be chatting to in the next week or so, Birmingham rockers Bear Witness define their sound to us as “Powerful, beautiful noise.” And Perfect Living offers us a taste of why. It opens with a light guitar riff and drums then Matt Georgiou’s vocals take over in a light verse that bursts into a big singalong chorus then repeats of the vocals “It’s got so much time” over big distorted guitars. It’s powerful, rocky, emotional and there’s more than a little of a Nothing But Thieves vibe about it.

Check out Perfect Living on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, and follow Bear Witness on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Breather – Hollow (Single)

And that’s the hat-trick of new bands we’ll be talking to very soon. The Brighton trio’s second single is yet another banger that has us very excited about what’s coming our way from the band. It starts slowly with a low repeating guitar note then bursts into a big verse with a darting riff over frontman Sam Irvine’s vocals. Huge rolling drums from Casey McHale kick in as it drops into big cries of “Buried on the outside, Buried under real (lights)” and big drawn-out vocals over piercing guitars.

It’s a huge track that reminds us why Breather are one of the most exciting new bands on our radar, and we will be publishing an interview with the guys next week.

Check out Hollow on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, and follow Breather on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

EAT DIRT – Death is Death (Single)

A typically light effort from the wild, self-monikered ‘PUNK AS FUCK’ band. Expect big driving riffs, lots of shouting and lots of energy. It launches straight into the deliciously punky vocals “Death is death, No escaping, No way out, Death is death, Ashes to ashes, Leap of faith, Death is death, Lights go out, Fade to black, Death is death, One last step, Final breath,” which returns several times in the short, sharp one-and-a-half-minute long track.

Give Death is Death a listen on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp, and follow EAT DIRT on Facebook and Twitter.

Griever – The Sickness In Me (Single)

The first new music in nearly two years from the exciting Bournemouth-based metalcore act. There’s a tinge of sadness that will be the last single featuring Griever’s original line-up, however, they are going out on a massive high.

The Sickness In Me dives straight into a jumpy low-tuned riff with eerie, plodding synth over the top then a light guitar lick increases the creepy levels. Low, slow vocals are supported by a thick bassline then explodes into huge screams and a darting low-tuned riff, which gives way to a big singalong chorus “I feel alive when I’m still sleeping, And I dream when I’m awake, Of a silence worth hearing, And a life that’s more than pain.” It’s dark and intense, but really, really fucking good.

On the track, the band say: “This song was written in a particularly dark place for us as a band, and delves into the everyday battles with mental health and personal demons that we all share in our lives. We would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this very special song, and hope that it resonates with you as much as it does for us 🖤”

You can see Griever alongside the awesome As Everything Unfolds and Swedish band Noija at The Black Heart in London on 26 April, which should be an epic gig. More info on that is here.

Give The Sickness In Me a listen on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, and follow Griever on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mirrors – Can You Hear The Silence (Single)

And here’s another band we just discovered and should be talking to very soon on the site. Australian band Mirrors are, well, pretty intense, and latest track Can You Hear The Silence sees them at their very intense best. Gruff screamed vocals open up over eerie synth sounds then a wild riff takes over with the synth continuing underneath. More screams come in then truly terrifying, guttural vocals boom over the huge backdrop of low-tuned guitar bursts. There’s much more to come from these guys, so keep your eyes out for an interview soon.

Check out Can You Hear The Silence on Spotify and YouTube, and follow Mirrors on Facebook, and Instagram.

Bailer – Crawl Back (Single)

Our favourite absolutely mental, ridiculously heavy Irish metallers are back with a brand new single and a wild lyric video to boot. It’s typically huge, heavy and intense, launching straight into frontman Alex O’Leary’s wild screamed vocals supported by pounding drums and frantic riffs. The Cork act are on tour across Ireland next week before heading over to England for a handful of shows next month, more info is here.

Check out Crawl Back on Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube, and follow Bailer on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

WRTHLESS – Hurts To Miss (Single)

A bit of fun rocky punk-rock to close from another Glasgow band WRTHLESS, who we introduced you to back in October. Fun punky guitar chords open up and feed into a light opening verse that builds into a big catchy chorus that ends on the upbeat vocals “Why don’t you bury me, My life is ruined.” It’s a double single (2 songs, if that makes sense), along with the lighter but probably a little darker It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.

Check out Hurts To Miss on Spotify, and you can follow WRTHLESS on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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