Introducing: Charlie Georgio

Birmingham-based Charlie Georgio is carving a niche in the Midlands music scene with his rock and hip-hop infused trap sound, which he describes as “weird, extreme and raging.”

He is the first artist we’ve had a chance to listen to out of the HQ Familia recording studio and label in Leicester, which works with young artists to turn their creative visions into reality. As Charlie tells us: “I’ve been working with HQ for the past year and they have definitely helped me a lot! They have given me more confidence and motivation. They have also mentored me and given me a lot of time and space to really develop my sound and experiment with all of their producers. They are a great bunch of people, they really encourage and support everyone around them.”

Charlie’s music is intended as a social commentary on life as a young person in the UK, which he describes as “a big wake-up call in some cases” and “a big, wild party.” And that’s on top of a modelling career working with the likes of Adidas, Vans and ASOS.

As Charlie explains: “I’m a working model and I’ve done a bit of acting but I’ve always wanted to make music and perform. My cousin is a producer and an engineer at HQ and he kind of brought me in and introduced me to all the guys there. I knew I wanted to do music seriously from then on, it just felt right and the environment was so creative.”

His latest single All About It was released at the end of last month and gives us a taste of the direction his music’s going in. A cool little guitar lick winds away under his angsty rapped vocals then drops into repeats of “I don’t want to play” before launching back into the rapped vocals. Check it out below:

As Charlie tells us: “I’m really excited for people to get a taste of my music. I’ve been developing my sound in the studio for over a year now and I’ve found something that fits me and my personality. They should expect some serious, no holds barred attitude and some great vibes from me in 2019!”

Charlie takes musical inspiration from the likes of Mac Miller and Flatbush Zombies, as well as listening to a lot of My Chemical Romance when he was at school – so it’s quite an eclectic mix. And he tells us the rap-meets-rock revival may well be born out of the current state of society.

As Charlie says: “Hell yeah, its back on the rise, especially now I’m doing it! Pardon my confidence, I just get excited sometimes. Again though, I think its a sign of the times and our environment, things are so uncertain and unhinged at the moment and its really hard to be a young person growing up around all of this. This music is kind of an uprising and very rebellious so it totally fits with what young people are trying to get across right now.”

Expanding on what inspires him to write music, Charlie adds: “The classics: Love and heartbreak are always powerful emotions and make great inspiration for songs, but also the struggles and frustration we all go through at one time or another as young people. Sometimes it can be something as simple as going to a party or walking through a busy city centre and seeing all the different people and lives going on around me. I guess I just offload with my lyrics and, hopefully, it makes sense to others too.”

Charlie’s latest track Partydowntown will be released on Friday, and it’s a delicious punk-infused rap-rock track. So keep an eye out for that as well as more music and a few gigs coming up through the summer.

You can follow Charlie Georgio on Facebook and Instagram, and check out his music on Spotify and YouTube.

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