Introducing: Friday’s Spirit

Another first for us today as we bring you the first band we’ve met from Austria, and it’s an impressive introduction to Austrian music in the form of Friday’s Spirit.

The Salzburg trio – formed of long-time friends Dave Heiß and Flo Stangassinger, who added lead guitarist Phil Humer to the mix a couple of years ago – offer an intriguing, lively fusion of metalcore, hardcore punk and pop-punk, which they describe as “energetic, refreshing, different.”

The band recently released a video for last year’s single TSTT, which they tell us is based on a real-life event that was reported in the Metro newspaper. As they explain: “It’s about a man, allegedly from the Czech Republic, who was filmed by hidden cameras, running 15-and-a-half-miles naked through a forested area near the Czech-Polish border. The police later reported that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD, which made him feel like he had become a Siberian tiger.”

The track opens up with big guitar chords and rolling drums then a verse of vocals supported by darting guitars. That gives way to an awesome chorus of “I broke my knee, From kicking the crap out of outta my god damned guts, Oh shitty me right there in the clinic smiling high,” supported by some lively guitars.

Big palm-muted guitars are met with winding little riffs, then a little solo feeds into a cool section of vocals over the lively guitars, before ending on a punky smash of guitars under the lyrics “Oh set it right on Saturday night, No calamities, Just an angel choir, Oh set it right on Saturday night, Devine but dirty, Spitting holy water.” Check it out below:

On the track’s reception, they tell us: “It’s actually been pretty good. We’ve received so much positive response since the official release, and we literally couldn’t ask for more. People who haven’t listened to TSTT yet can expect a Ragnarök-like clash of genres, ranging from metalcore to pop-punk.”

The trio’s core influences are punk-fused bands such as Dropkick Murphys, The Bouncing Souls and Millencolin but tell us their more recent inspirations are Killswitch Engage (Phil), John Coffey (Dave), and The Story So Far (Flo). And their punky edge is more apparent on most recent single Team Rocket, check it out below:

And when it comes to what inspires them to write, they tell us: “Generally, we love to write about social conflicts and daily ups and downs in life. But we have also written a song about a guy who ran naked through a forest, while being high on hallucinatory drugs. So, there’s actually no limit to what we write.”

As mentioned, this is the first band we’ve met from Austria so we were keen to get the guys’ thoughts on music in their homeland. And it sounds like it’s not so great.

As they tell us: “To be honest, in Austria, many newcomer bands rather often complain about how little support there is for underground music. But to be fair, there are many venues in our country that you can play in, yet it feels like there is a declining interest in shows in general.

“Luckily, there are so many bands around and thus, the scene is growing stronger. We also have positive faith that there will be more support in the future, but Austrians are quite practically inclined when it comes to doing stuff. So for example, we tend to go to shows of which we ‘know’ that we will have a good time, instead of going to events that could as well promise the contrary. So you see where the problem’s at?”

Based on what we’ve heard from Friday’s Spirit, there may be plenty of potential in Austrian rock so we’ll keep our eyes and ears out for more!

You can follow Friday’s Spirit on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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