New Music Friday Round-Up: 26 April

We’ve got some cracking new music for you this week with new tracks from two of Britain’s finest new bands from the same record label, a debut indie-rock EP and a debut metal EP, along with a second EP from our favourite Kiwi rockers and a debut album from France’s finest purveyors of post-hardcore.

Read on below, turn it up loud and give these bands a listen!

wars – 11 Minutes (Single)

An intriguing new track from the Rugby band, which sees them cover the Yungblud & Halsey hit. It unusually begins with the clean vocals of guitarist Sam Barnard over a light guitar lick. Palm-muted guitars kick in as Sam’s vocals build towards the screamed vocals of Rob Vicars start off “I’m so fucking sorry, I’m so fucking sorry” over a repeating high guitar note and a looping lick, which drops into a big atmospheric chorus of Rob and Sam’s dual vocals “I’m 11 minutes away, so why aren’t you here” then feeds into some delicious high-pitched vocals.

The guitars drop out as dual vocals “Call me stupid, Call me sad, You’re the best I’ve ever had, You’re the worst I’ve had, And that keeps fucking with my head” then “Call me stupid, Call me sad, You’re the best I’ve never had, You’re the worst I’ll never have, And that keeps fucking with my head” drops straight back into a big chorus.

It’s a bit different to what we’ve heard from wars before, but it’s an exciting taster of what’s coming from the band in the future – and completely different to what I was expecting! On the track, Rob says: “So this cover of 11 Minutes started out as a bit of fun in the studio – the original is just so good, we couldn’t help but give it a go. Such a great mix of artists have already put their own spin on it, but it definitely lends itself to a heavier sound so we thought we might as well commit our version to tape and get it out there.”

Check out 11 Minutes on Spotify and iTunes, and give wars a follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Acres – Talking In Your Sleep (Single)

The unmistakable atmospheric sound of Acres – who are label mates of wars over at A Wolf At Your Door Records – returns in fine style with the latest track from their upcoming debut album.

It opens up with their trademark high-pitched atmospheric guitars, which give way to a verse of big singalong guitars over a cool riff and driving drums. That feeds into an awesome chorus “You think you’re perfect with your head in the clouds, Tell me would you still feel perfect when I’m pulling your feet to the ground, You think you’re better holding me by a thread, I said I’m not the kinda guy that’s into it.”

A second chorus ends on a big cry of “And you’ve been talking in your sleep again” then the pace drops down with laid-back vocals “Why did you watch me fall apart? Did you love me from the start? You let me burn, I let you get inside my head, Did you mean anything that you ever said?” Big guitar chords take over and feed into a final blast of the chorus. It’s a seriously good track.

On the track, vocalist Ben Lumber said: “The song is about being lied to by someone who you think really cares about you. When you think everything is perfect, in reality it’s really not. Talking in your sleep is a metaphor for the words and lies subtly unravelling self-consciously.”

Check out Talking In Your Sleep on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Acres on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Crooked Royals – Rumination (EP)

Our favourite New Zealand metal band are back with a superb second EP. It opens with the title track, which kicks into life with a spinning guitar solo over crashing cymbals. A trademark opening verse of wild screamed vocals then a bouncy riff take over, then a big bouncy riff over big cymbals as the screamed vocals continue. A huge chorus follows, then huge throaty screams, in what is a mighty opening track.

Second track Dissentients opens up with an awesome stabbing guitar riff then a huge smash of drums gives way to the riff continuing under huge screamed vocals. It’s fast, furious and fantastic, with a big booming riff taking over then dropping into a cool mellow section of high-pitched vocals. This track is huge, check it out below:

The filthy riffs keep on coming in the excellent Vox Populi, which features a huge booming breakdown mid-way through, then the frantic Circulate, which seamlessly jumps between heavy smashes of guitar and big singalong choruses.

The EP closes out with Aeon III, which kicks off with light vocals but intensifies with a jumpy riff as the vocals build towards a catchy chorus. Light vocals “Close your eyes, Wait for the sunrise, Coldness die, We leave only goodbyes” give way to a big guitar solo under screamed vocals then more intense repeats of the same vocals to bring the EP to a huge ending.

If you haven’t done so yet, you must give this band a listen. Check out Rumination on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Crooked Royals on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Gulps – In The Kings House (EP)

Some fun, energetic indie rock now from trendy Camden rockers The Gulps’ debut EP. It gets off to a lively start with The Kings House, which opens with a fun little guitar lick over chords and drops into a laid-back verse that builds in energy towards a funky chorus with bursts of guitar flying in under the engaging vocals.

My Girl From Liverpool is a cool, laid-back track, opening up with a funky little guitar riff and chord call-and-answer intro then a catchy verse dominated by frontman Harry All’s unusual vocal delivery. A heavier chorus that ends on a cool little guitar lick then drops into the opening riff then another laid-back verse.

Lola Cola is an intriguing little indie-rock track led by Harry’s engaging vocals, supported by winding guitar licks. And the EP closes with Let Me Say I’m The One, which opens with a funky little guitar lick and big lively guitars under cries of “Woo hoo hoo” that feed into a cool opening verse. A big catchy chorus follows with a fun guitar lick, backing vocals and claps in support.

Check out In The Kings House on SpotifyiTunes and Bandcamp, and you can follow The Gulps on FacebookInstagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Show Me Your Universe – Origins (Album)

If disgustingly good riffs and intense vocals are your thing, then you’re in the right place with the Tours, in south-west France, metal crew.

Their debut album is a stunning effort. It gets off to a great start with We Are, then blows us away with the powerful stabbing guitars and relatively melodic choruses of Origins.

They turn the savagery up a notch with Hates, which opens up with creepy whispers and keyboards, then frontman Jérémy Dubray’s intense screamed vocals take over before dropping into big low-tuned guitars over the looping’s an eerie gothica to the track, alongside huge stabbing guitars – which come to the fore in a prolonged section of booming chords before one final smash of Jérémy’s screamed vocals.

We can’t get enough of their delicious, seriously heavy post-hardcore sound, so it’s lucky for us they’ve smashed out 10 great new tracks for us to dig our teeth into. Pop this on your ‘must listen to’ for this weekend.

Check out Origins on Spotify and iTunes, and follow Show Me Your Universe on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

99% COBRA – Programmed To Coalesce (EP)

Some wild metal to bring your Friday fix of new music to a close, with the debut EP from the exciting Hull metal crew. Drifting Apart gets things off to a lively start with some fun guitar riffs under screamed vocals. There’s an eerie middle section with high-pitched guitars, which drops into the spinning riffs over big doomy drums.

Neurodeath opens with stabbing guitars and pounding drums under big screamed vocals, then cool little bursts of guitar give way to staccatoed stabs of guitar under screams. Chugging chords build the suspense and continue under almighty guttural screams.

The EP’s title track has an awesome guitar riff that ends on a little high flurry and plods away under screamed opening vocals, then booming guitars support slightly less intense vocals (which are about as close to singing as you’ll get from the COBRA boys). Some wild guitar blitzes follow before a heavy ending.

And it closes with the excellent Beautiful Debris, which starts at breakneck speed before dropping into a chugging low bassline then low-tuned darting guitars. It closes out with repeated cries of “Descending on you” under spinning guitars that descend into wild high-pitched chaos and intense drums to bring the EP to a close.

It’s unrelenting, heavy and awesome, we love it. Check out Programmed To Coalesce on Spotify, and follow 99% COBRA on Facebook and Instagram.

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