New Band of the Week: We Three Kings

If you’re on the lookout for a new riff-heavy rock band to rock your world then Manchester band We Three Kings could be just the ticket. The trio have honed an exciting, high-energy fusion of rock, blues, fuzz and noise that they describe to us as “unpretentious and infectious.”

The band first came together when Rich (guitars and vocals) and Pete (drums) joined a classic rock covers band back in 2008. Eight years later they decided to channel the best of that experience and formed We Three Kings, then brought in Ben on bass earlier this year.

The band most recently released Give It To Me Go in January, on which Rich tell us to expect: “No-nonsense, balls-out, fuzzed-up rock’n’roll,” which is a pretty apt summary of all their music.

It opens up with engaging vocals followed by hits of guitar then the vocals continue with a lingering bassline before diving into a big riff under cries of “Give it to me, go.” The second chorus gives way to a wah-laced guitar solo that drops into the big driving riff, then a building verse gives way to a big rocky ending. Check it out in the video below:

That followed the release of debut EP Fire last June, which we gave a shoutout in a New Music Friday round-up at the time. The EP is packed with engaging rocky vocals and big riffs.

That includes the lively The Barrel, which opens up with big guitars and driving drums that slow towards cries of “You’ve got me bent over the barrel” then return under cries of “The barrel… Bend me over the barrel.”

Bright Lights of the City is in much the same vein, albeit with more adventurous vocals. A fun jumpy riff opens up and feeds into meandering high-pitched vocals then drops into a return of the riff and cries of “Bright lights of the city” with driving drums throughout.

And if big riffs are your thing then Uncontrollable Squeal is the song for you, with a low-tuned booming riff feeding into the opening verse then returning under the squealed chorus.

But a personal favourite is the closing track Invisible Man, which opens up a Wolfmother-esque riff then a lively opening verse “I go where the light goes, I flow with the echoes, I know where the people go.” And that flows into repeats of “I’m the invisible man” over a repeating riff.

The band takes inspiration from riff-heavy bands such as Rival Sons, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu and “anything that involves Jack White.”

And, on what inspires them to write music, Rich tells us: “We like to write about themes associated with having a good time, friends, lovers, and sticking it to the man.”

The band should have new music coming our way shortly, and are currently writing material that should be released in the second half of the year. They’re also going to be gigging around the new music, mainly in the North West with a few trips further afield for good measure. You can see them at The Blossoms in Stockport on Thursday (10 May) then Night & Day Cafe in Manchester on 21 June.

You can follow We Three Kings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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