New Band of the Week: Foxbite

Herefordshire newcomers Foxbite have combined elements of emo, pop-punk and alternative rock to form a hard-hitting but engaging fresh sound, which they describe as “sad, loud and shiny.”

The band is fronted up by Steve Goode, who previously sang in another of our former New Bands of the Week Hide Your Eyes. Most of the band went to school together, with James (lead guitar and vocals) and Matt Ling (drums) and Tom Beddard (rhythm guitar) a few years above Steve, but bonded through liking the same sort of music.

Steve tells us that after school the former trio started a band called The Delinquents, so they played in the same music circles, went to the same shows and became good mates. Then, when both projects came to an end they formed Foxbite and added Isaac Appleby on bass.

The band released debut single Nauticus back in February, which gives us an intriguing first taste of their diverse, super-catchy sound.

Nauticus opens with an echoey light lick that continues over punky chords then feeds into Steve’s distinctive vocals in an engaging verse. The pace drops with pre-chorus vocals “I am out of passion, I never had no patience, I don’t really think that there’s an easy way to say this, I am out of passion, I never had no patience, Watch me self combust if I can find the motivation.”

That explodes into a big catchy chorus “Burn me down I’m far too cold anyway, Pull the ground apart right from under me, Play no part in this, look the other way, A sinking ship, no lifeboat to get away” supported by cool darting guitars and pounding drums. A big smash of guitars feeds into a heavier verse, the second chorus ends with a return of the light guitar then builds up to chunky guitar chords and a cool little riff before a final blast of the chorus ends with a cool little guitar solo.

It’s a really impressive introduction to Foxbite, on which Steve tells us: “We’ve had brilliant feedback and the song goes down really well at shows, especially since the launch. The song is quite angry and draws on the emotions associated with being frustrated, feeling lost and trying to claw yourself back from rock bottom. I think a lot of people can expect to relate to the lyrics and feel pumped by the song as a whole.” Check it out in the video below:

The band’s musical influences are many and wide-ranging, both at a local and mainstream level, with Blink-182, Iron Maiden and American Football having the biggest impact on the way they write music. While their songs are typically influenced by life experiences and events as well as political affairs, mental health, love, grief and more.

There’s plenty more to come from Foxbite with their second single Hardly Slept At All due out this summer, shortly followed by Wrong & Unable.

As Steve tells us: “We’ve written loads of material and we’re really chuffed with what we’ve been putting together. The plan is to release a few more singles first, but you can expect the next series of songs to be loud and angsty, some are a little more fun and less serious than others but all follow the same Foxbite energy and vibe.”

We’re loving the sound of Foxbite and, as a Herefordshire lad, it’s always nice to see great new music coming out of the area. We’re looking forward to hearing what else the band have to offer us shortly.

You can catch Foxbite playing live with Dude Trips at Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff on 8 July and they’ve just been announced as support on the Swansea leg of Crazy Town’s 20th Anniversary Tour, that’s at The Bunkhouse on 31 August. More info is here.

You can follow Foxbite on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, and YouTube.

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