Introducing: Siderian

Amid a saturated market of masses of metal bands and oodles of choice thanks to the rise of online streaming, it can seem difficult to differentiate. But Northampton’s Siderian are doing just that with their intriguing brand of thrash-infused metal, which essentially has the sole aim of making everything as heavy, fast and harsh as possible.

Their fast and frantic music leans big on thrash influences with face-meltingly heavy guitar riffs and intense vocals fused with a brutal backdrop of groove, double kick and the occasional blast-beat to keep things lively.

And if you like things heavy then the words of frontman Dave Pope will be music to your ears: “The vocals are deliberately as abrasive as I could make them. I’m not a fan of heavy bands chucking in saccharine clean vocals to widen their appeal or to smooth their sound, we binned that off after the debut EP.”

The quintet, completed by James ‘Jups’ Upton and James ‘Jevs’ Evans (guitars) and best mates Chris Cox (bass) and John Booth (drums), started in early 2015 and released a debut EP within six months. But line-up changes soon took their toll and that early momentum stalled.

As new members strengthened the line-up, the band’s sound gradually grew in complexity and, after releasing a few standalone singles to keep things ticking over, they’re now ready to release their debut album upon the world. Origins is out on 21 June, and they’re hugely looking forward to its release.

As Dave says: “It’s been a struggle to keep it under wraps. It’s taken a long time and a significant level of effort to get to where we are right now, both in terms of personnel and overall sound. The writing process was the hardest thing we’ve done as a band, we wanted to push ourselves to get the best collection of songs possible and I think we achieved that. It’s only after getting the final mixes back that we could finally realise what we had achieved. People should expect nine tracks that all sound cohesive, very heavy and fresh, but are all identifiably different.”

And, as Jevs adds, be ready for something different with their new music: “I think for people who have heard our previous record, this is going to be a bit of a smack in the face,” he says. “This is not the Siderian you once knew and I’m sure that might lose us a few fans, but I think it’s a step in the right direction for the band and our sound is pure and from the soul.

“We don’t have a record label telling us what to sound like, we are under no illusions that we’re going to sell hundreds of thousands of copies and make a living from it. This is music we’ve written because we’ve wanted to.”

The most recent single released from the album is its final track Oleum, which will assure it goes out with a bang. It opens up with a chugging riff under pounding drums that feeds into an opening verse of Dave’s unrelenting screamed vocals that end on a low growl then fast-paced screams are answered by spinning riffs. The guitars gradually intensify as the song progresses, with faster and higher-pitched riffs, then a meandering guitar solo takes over supported by pounding drums and a faint scream, then drops back into the opening riffs.

A big guitar riff kicks in, it gradually builds, the guitars and vocals drop out and a huge drum roll gives way to a mass of huge screams and chugging guitars. This brings the track to a massive ending, which promises plenty for the debut album. Check it out in the video below:

They previously released Lizard Method Statement in 2017, which has described by one YouTube viewer as an “Absolute riff fest,” and they’re not wrong. Darting riffs support Dave’s intense screamed vocals, before atmospheric guitars and doomy cymbals build up to big booming riffs and huge drums. It soon drops into a section of doom-ridden low-tuned guitars and growls then an eerie high-pitched repeating guitar over low-tuned chords, which end on a huge scream, darting riffs and pounding drums to close. Give it a listen below:

We always like to ask bands to summarise their music in a few words, even if they hate doing it. But the responses we received from Siderian only implore you to go and listen to them. For example, Dave’s description of “uncompromising groovy heaviness,” John’s summary of “hard, fast, aggressive” with other words thrown in including angry and ferocious as well as honest and infectious.

And when it comes to what inspires their music, Dave tells us: “From a lyrical viewpoint; world events, injustice, austerity, racism, misogyny as well as slightly more abstract themes such as the inner workings of the subconscious mind and formation of the solar system. The new album has songs covering the aforementioned influences as well as US gun control (Geneva) and the war in Syria (Voices). I’m lucky enough to have a pretty decent life so I try and write about stuff affecting others.”

Origins is out on 21 June and we’re genuinely excited about what’s coming our way. We’ll get another taste of what’s to come with the release of a video for The Supplicant, which is expected at the end of this month or early June.

The band has also made it down to the final 12 bands that have a chance to play at Amplified Festival, which sees them compete in a live final at The Firebug in Leicester on album release day. They’re then opening for death metal legends Vader at HOP Fest in Northampton the following weekend and are on the lookout for touring opportunities around the album launch.

As Dave concludes: “We are an honest, supportive bunch, both of our local scene and other like-minded bands. We really appreciate this opportunity to push an album we are deeply proud of and have worked hard for. Times are getting harder for live music and we appreciate all those who come to our shows and support us by buying merch, speaking to us before or after or just watching us scream our nonsense at them.”

You can follow Siderian on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube and Google Play.

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