Introducing: Molars

Nottingham’s Molars are an intriguing bunch, fusing emo influences and trademark melodramatic lyrics with their engaging pop-punk meets midwest-emo sound.

The trio of Chris (vocals and guitar), Dec (bass) and Matt (drums) began life a couple of years ago, started writing and then released a three-track demo and their debut EP last year.

They released latest single Ducking Punches back in March, which they tell us sees them edge closer to where they want to be musically. As Dec says: “It’s been really positive, we think it’s much closer to the sound we’re aiming for than anything else we’ve done so far. For anybody who hasn’t listened yet, we’d describe it as fast-paced with loads of riffs and catchy choruses.”

Ducking Punches opens up with light flickering guitar then a hit of guitar precedes a lively verse with vocals answered by blitzes of guitars then seriously catchy vocals “I know she doesn’t want me anymore, I’m too intense, I can’t let go, I can’t control myself, I’m a mess all the time, Forever ducking punches, Falling into drunk gates, Over and over and over again.”

A personal favourite track is the superb Small Odds & Smoking, the final track from last year’s delightfully titled Tight, But Not Groundbreaking debut EP. Lively guitars open up with punchy drums kicking through, then drop into a verse that kicks off emo-as-fuck opening line “I hope I die before the time comes that all I remember is when we held the world in our arms.”

That builds up to the big chorus “She took the beating out of my heart, Like all the others, And there’s a hole in my chest, And I can’t quite feel it, That’s me all over again, I trip myself, get up again, and still leave my laces untied, And I’m addicted to the feeling of small odds and smoking just to try and pick myself up again, But I let myself down again.”

The pace drops down then edgier vocals “No I’m not stoked, I’m just a little fucked up, My body rejects me like a drug and I can’t say I blame it, I spent the winter writing songs about getting better, To be honest I think it’s working out” are supported by harsher hits of guitar chords. The pace drops again, building up to one final blast of the chorus. It’s fast-paced and super-catchy, we love it.

While Front Seat, from the same EP, is equally enjoyable, with driving guitars and drums under the cool fast-paced vocals “She’s got a pretty cool car that I kind of like” then “But I like the way I feel with your hands behind the steering wheel and me sitting in the front seat, And she says I wanna be somebody’s reason to wake up in the morning, To get out of bed each day.” That’s followed by a cool chorus ” So take your time and I’ll take mine, But just fuck off with all your reasons, When you just can’t be arsed with your bar job when you finish at 11.” Give it a listen below:

It’s easy to hear their key influences of Taking Back Sunday and Fall Out Boy seeping through in their melodic vocals, while they tell us the band they feel most similar to musically is Tiny Moving Parts. And, as Dec tells us: “We’re heavily inspired by Midwest emo so we’re pretty melodramatic. Basically anything we have to complain about!”

Furthermore, get over to the band’s YouTube channel to check out their self-made videos. As Dec explains: “So far we’ve filmed all of our own music videos, and we’re really proud of them, so it’d be great it people could check them out and let us know what they think!”

Molars have just wrapped up their first UK tour alongside Raiders UK, which features ex-member of The Blackout, and hope to be heading back into the studio to record new material shortly.

You can follow Molars on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes.

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