Introducing: The Kiddiwinks

Classic rock vibes, funky indie guitars and vocals, and upbeat, catchy rockiness dominate the highly enjoyable sound of London trio The Kiddiwinks.

But this is a band that’s aiming to do more than just put out music that ‘sounds like a modern twist on classic rock’n’roll.’ The Kiddiwinks are on a mission to reshape popular British culture for the better, based on lessons from the past.

As the band tell us: “Our goal is to put that ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ music in the top charts and bring it back into urban culture once again, in a modern fashion though. We know you heard this before but seriously think about it for a moment: in modern music, we use some licks/riffs/counterpoint from the Baroque era, but it is very different to actually writing a Baroque suite or Minuet or whatever. Now that’s the difference between proposing something entirely from the past and using some of the amazing features of that style in a way that fits the current context.”

The band, who describe their music as “groovy, grungy rock” began life as an acoustic duo between Seph and Fab, who shared a love for classic rock and 90s Britrock. in 2016. They then extended into a band project with the addition of Ale on drums. As they tell us: “All of the members had previous experiences with other bands in the past and we all found each other here in London being outcast musicians so we got down with it once again.”

They launched an EP, of which one song Let Me Feel Free is available online, but have been hard at work creating new material that they describe as “music for the stage show.”

On their new music the band tell us: “The new music has both swagger and melody. In the beginning we wrote music almost to try and impress the audience with a complex fabric of sound but, as our songwriting experience grew, we started writing simple bass lines, melodies, guitar riffs and the result is music that is more straight to the point and more danceable.”

Our first taste of what’s to come from their new stuff is funky latest single Elephant in the Room, which was released last month. It opens up with light drums that are joined by a cool little darting riff, which continues through a catchy opening verse “They say all you need is love, But I don’t want to do with it, I’ve got a different kind of buzz, But I guess I’m just a lunatic.”

The pace picks up with heavier guitars under the vocals “We all know how it goes, I’m not here to talk politics, They say all you need is love, But I don’t.” Spoken vocals come in under a light riff, which jumps back into another verse and chorus. That drops into solo drums, then big “nah nah nah” vocals take over and feed into a more energetic burst of vocals, then a cool little guitar solo gives way to repeats of the chorus vocals to take us to an energetic ending.

On the track they tell us: “Everyone that heard our track loved it to bits and to anyone who hasn’t listened yet we say to expect an addictive track, you are gonna want to replay it over and over!”

Elephant in the Room is a sign that exciting things are coming our way from The Kiddiwinks’ new music. Give it a listen below:

You can probably guess their musical influences with a quick listen, but they’re big fans of Jack White’s work with The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, as well as British rock from the late 60s through to the urban sounds of the 90s. Then there’s the heavy influence of John Lennon on the vocals and some cheeky Oasis-esque open chords making the occasional appearance. As the band put it: “Our musical influences are so many that you can probably sit down on our music for an afternoon trying to pin every nuance and shade and assign it to different bands and styles.”

While on what inspires them to write music, the whole 60s vibe seems to rear its head again. As the band tell us: “We write about whatever comes our way but a reoccurring topic, in the new music especially, is that of self-improvement through spiritual and consciousness awakening. We’re actually moving towards a quite hippy/new age kind of content but fitting it in a pop form of delivery.

“We believe catchy music can be exploited in a wise way to promote spirituality in order to better the world. But of course we are not limited to this topic only, we’re also ready to talk about psychological and social issues. Wherever there’s a rabbit hole, we’ll jump in there.”

There’s plenty to come from The Kiddiwinks with their plan being to release more songs – possibly singles, possibly an album – to, as they put it, “get our musical and artistic identity out there.” You can also catch them at the Hope and Anchor in Angel, London, on 27 June, and more info is here.

You can follow The Kiddiwinks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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