Introducing: Slender Pins

A tasty helping of punk-fused indie and a sprinkling of new wave are the ingredients behind the engaging sound of London’s Slender Pins.

The quartet delivers, in their words, “an appreciation of rhythm and melody and a generalised sense of despair” in their catchy, edgy indie-rock.

The band started out with Alex and Ash writing songs together, they brought in Rob, then brought in Ed on drums last year. And, in Ash’s words: “It was in danger of turning violent. He was putting on a night that we played with a drum machine and took such pity on us that he felt compelled to join.”

They released second single Not Long Now not long ago, at the start of this month, on which Ash tells us: “Expect four minutes of sound and an irresistible compulsion to dance.” And Alex adds: “We are relieved that nobody actively hates it.”

In fact, this cheeky little track is closer to five minutes, opening up with a funky stabbing bass then a cool guitar lick jumps in over the top. Bigger guitars kick in with pounding drums and the lick returns in support of an opening verse of intense vocals. Big cries of “No, no, no” come in and quickly drops into another lively verse.

A very Smiths-like chilled section of repeats of “Woh, lie to me” ends with the return of the riff, which resumes after a brief pause and continues under repeats of “Oh watch out.” Then it all drops out bar a building stabbing bassline, then the bass and guitar play the same little riff as the track draws to a laid-back ending. It’s a belter of a track, and you can give it a listen below.

That followed debut single Where’s The Money, which was released in February. It opens up with a flurry of high guitars then funky little disjointed guitar chords kick into a singalong verse “This is the city, Not so much swinging as drowning, And this city, this unreal city, Has knocked to my knees and left me wondering, Where’s the money, If you haven’t got enough you’ll just have to buckle up.”

Jauntier guitars kick in and drop into another verse, then the second time around a cool little bass solo feeds into higher pitched vocals. That’s followed by stabbing guitars that drop out leaving the vocals to close the track out. It’s fun, lively and catchy, and we’re loving what we’ve heard from the band so far.

The band tell us their main musical influences include The Fall, The Smiths, The Stooges and, erm, ABBA. We’re not sure we believe the last one. But, as Ash says: “Guitar music was deservedly comatose for much of the past decade but there are now some very good bands arising.”

And on what inspires them to write music, Ash tells us: “We were driven to write songs out of rage. We still are, but recently we have discovered a wider emotional palette – wrath, anger, hate, anger, and lust.”

You can see Slender Pins for yourself tonight (30 May) alongside H0nkies at Five Bells in New Cross, London. More info is here.

You can follow Slender Pins on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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