Introducing: House of Wolvxs

Manchester newcomers House of Wolvxs have honed a catchy alternative rock sound that fuses beautifully cathartic vocals with big riffs and delicious melodies.

The band formed out of the ashes of a former band of Pete Clough (guitar and vocals) and Martin Downton (drums and vocals) who, based on a long friendship and musical history/chemistry, decided to start a new project. Lead vocalist Danni Hicks had also left her band and moved close to Manchester then posted online looking for a band, and Pete invited her tot try out.

As the band explain: “A very brave Danni went to an industrial part of Manchester on her own to meet Pete and Martin. We went through some songs, including the first one that Pete had written especially for this project. We instantly clicked, although far from polished, we all had beaming smiles on our faces playing through the songs and Danni brought something so fresh and exciting to the music with her voice, performance and writing that Pete and Martin were so welcome for.”

Our first taste of this is debut single Personal Stranger, which was released in April. It dives straight into Danni’s delicious high-pitched vocals that continue through to a big chorus of “I’m down on my my eyes, Begging for an answer, Lay us down together, This won’t last foreve” supported by cool darting guitars.

The pace drops down after the second chorus with light guitars supporting Bex’s vocals, which develop into delicate high-pitched cries that build into another chorus. This time really cool guitars end the chorus and bring the track to an enjoyable ending.

On the track, they tell us: “The reaction has been amazing so far. We’re really proud of the song and what is to come. It’s very exciting to finally have it out there for people to hear. We’ve been working away for a while and feels great to show everyone. Please listen if you haven’t yet. If you like passionate and melodic rock/alternative music, you’ll hopefully find a new favourite.”

While Danni, who wrote the track, expands: “For me personally, writing is one of the most exciting things. This is because you can create any story from any emotion. You can write about personal experiences, other peoples’ experiences or even just have it be completely fiction. The options are never ending when it comes to art and how people can interpret your lyrics in variety of different ways. I think that’s what keeps it so special and different.”

The band’s musical influences might surprise you a little, naming the likes of Deftones, Letlive. and Alexisonfire, along with strong musicianship and lyrical influences of Incubus.

And when it comes to what inspires them to write music, the band tell us: “Things that inspire us: trauma, important things and people in our lives, what happens around us and to us. Other music in all its forms, art forms that move us. To tell a story and inspire others.

“A lot of the time writing is a release, cathartic even, releasing everything into the songs, both in writing, recording and on-stage. If someone connects to that in any way that helps them, it means the absolute world. We feel at home together on stage, we want those who listen to us or come to watch us, to feel at home.”

The band’s debut single is an impressive start, but there’s plenty more to come from the trio. A second single is incoming along with a debut UK tour, before then recording a debut EP with the legendary Romesh Dodangoda.

You can follow House of Wolvxs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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