Introducing: FEARS.

Combining atmospheric post-punk with catchy alternative rock instrumentals and vocals, Sheffield’s FEARS. are an intriguing proposition.

The quartet of Joe Pearce (vocals, guitar), Alex Pendleton (guitar), Craig Hadfield (bass) and Adam Pearce (drums) all met at school. As they tell us: “We all used to hang out and listen to music and decided to start a cover band playing songs we loved but eventually got bored of that and thought we would give it ago writing our own stuff. We watched a lot of videos on YouTube of our favourite bands and thought ‘that’s what we want to do.'”

They released debut single Pde last year and have since released two more, with last month’s Worlds Apart the most recent. The track opens up with light flickering guitars over a lively bassline, which continue under Joe’s engaging vocals. It bursts into a singalong chorus “Are we worlds apart, Just a few hours baby, Are we worlds apart” that drops into another dreamy verse.

That followed the dreamy, synthy yet rocky In My Mind. It opens up with a cool synthy lick over rolling guitar chords, which lead into laid-back opening vocals. The pace suddenly increases with driving guitars and drums under Joe’s impressive singalong vocals then drops back into the opening guitars and synth. It’s relaxing and atmospheric, yet intense and rocky, but overall highly enjoyable.

On the track, they told us to expect: “A dirty, thumping bassline, bouncing drum beat and a catchy melody. We really focused on this song to make it the best it can possibly be. We put a lot of time and effort into it. Blood, sweat and tears.” Check it out below:

Influenced by the likes of Green Day and Nirvana, FEARS. music has a raw and punchy feel underneath a delightful atmospheric flow, which sees people – probably not totally inaccurately – often describe them as “80s post-punk.”

And on what inspires them to write music, they tell us: “A lot of our music starts with a jam in rehearsal, the lyrics are always personal to us and generally fit the vibe of the song.”

There’s plenty more to come from FEARS., including supporting IST IST at YES in Manchester next Thursday (20 June) and playing at The Fringe at Tramlines at Walkabout in Sheffield on 19 July. And the band plans to be back in the studio towards the end of the year. More information on their upcoming gigs is here.

You can follow FEARS. on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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