Introducing: All In Due Time

If you’ve been pining after a bit of classic 2000s pop-punk in your life then New York City quartet All In Due Time are here to fill the void. The band ooze energy with their lively, emotional and angsty punkiness, and relatable lyrics.

The band first formed when Ezequiel (Zeke) Medrano (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Frank Scelta (lead guitar) met at a concert in summer 2017 and decided to meet up and jam. Zeke had the foundations of a song that would become Fairytale – the opening track on debut EP Young & Dumb – and they went about building the band. That began with adding bassist Josh Reguillo, who they found on Facebook, earlier this year, but finding a drummer was a little more problematic and they’ve just brought on board Tom Meyer, the drummer of hard rock band Idlehood.

The band released Young & Dumb back in April, and it starts strongly with the excellent Fairytale. Chugging guitars open up then drop into fast-paced shouty vocals, then the awesomely angsty “Fuck this house, fuck this place, fuck this shit, I can’t really breathe, I can hardly see with all this smoke in front of me.” That feeds into a big singalong chorus “Welcome to my fairytale, Welcome to the line of dreams, Where nothing seems impossible, Yeah nothing is what it seems to be.”

A lively guitar lick follows, over some crowd noise, and dives back into another chorus, which this time has a really cool guitar solo over the top of it. That continues through into a cool little rocky instrumental section, which feeds into a third straight chorus. Fairytale feels like it should be an instant pop-punk classic – with catchy vocals, big rocky guitars and supercharged energy. Check it out below:

The punky energy continues with Still Breathing (Na Na), which opens up with punky guitar chords then Zeke’s engaging vocals. A lively chorus follows, and the second chorus is followed by Blink-like “Na na” vocals, then a cool little guitar solo. Check it out below:

Then title track Young & Dumb opens up with light vocals over a little guitar lick. It builds up with a pre-chorus of “What is this laughter, That I’m after, Turns out it’s everything I’m ever after, You smile softly and say it’s nothing, I guess it’s just me,” then a quick chorus “We’re young and dumb, We hate this sound and you and I, we’ll make our odds, But all we do is fight together, This is why we’ll stay forever” with a cool little high-pitched guitar lick over the top.

A second chorus leads into a couple of more intense, shouted version of it that shows the heavier side of the band. That ends with big cries of “stay forever” with big guitar chords and darting licks. Check it out below:

On the EP, Frank told us: “A lot of people really seem to enjoy it. The two singles we released from the EP had met favourable reviews. For those that haven’t listened to the new EP yet, it consists of a heavy blend of pop-punk, rock, and sad boi songs. You will feel some serious nostalgia while the songs are packed with banging melodies. Some songs are also there for you in your emotional times of need. You can listen to it to help you find comfort in your tears.”

While Zeke added: “I was genuinely surprised with the reception – a lot of people like the songs. I remember a friend of ours made my day – shoutout to Dominik – and really boosted my confidence when he said Clean Slate was Grammy-worthy. That’s just one of the many people that reached out and told us how great the EP was, and I’m forever grateful. If you haven’t heard it yet, GO LISTEN TO IT! What to expect is pure 2000s pop-punk with a hint of emo.”

While Frank and Zeke list the classic punk artists like Blink-182, New Found Glory and Green Day among their influences, it’s clear that Tom brings something a little different to the party. As he tells us: “I’ve always been a die-hard Slipknot fan. Anything with Corey Taylor and I’m sold. As far as drumming and music in general, bands like Nothing, Deftones, Nirvana, The Used have always been attached to my style. I’m a very big fan of the ‘Dave Grohl type’ big energy, small stage mentality.”

And on what inspires them to write music, Frank tells us: “The thought that I know one day someone will come to me and tell us our music has changed their life. That we inspired them to learn to play an instrument. Someone will come to me and say that we created a masterpiece.  Most of the themes or topics that Zeke writes consists of bad relationships or having an unfaithful partner. We all can relate to that. Why not help make people feel okay about it through our songs, so it will help them get through the day?”

While Zeke adds: “I write a lot about my life. This specific EP has a lot to do with love and what I experienced through specific relationships, how it made me feel and whatnot. It was a very trying time and made me feel very powerful and extreme emotions I channelled that energy and convert it into music. I usually use these strong emotions to choose the topic of my music.”

And Tom says: “I personally prefer songs that are able to capture different reactions and interpretations from listeners. Everyone’s been through their own experiences, so songs that are able to remind one person of a loved one, or revive sadder feelings for another, for example, is a goal I’m always striving for.”

The band has a busy few months of gigging around the US, a few music videos coming and working on new music – which they suggest could be a little bit heavier with Tom’s influence. More info on their upcoming gigs is here.

As Frank concludes: “We are a band that puts their music and their audience first before anything. We are striving, and hustling to get our name out there. We know we’ll make something of ourselves all in due time.”

You can follow All In Due Time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

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