Introducing: Louder Than Words

In almost three years of running this blog, we’ve yet to discover a single band that hails from the gambling capital that is Las Vegas. But today that all changes with Louder Than Words, a band that oozes the raw emotion of classic pop-punk.

The band started back in 2015 with Johnny Buzzin (drums) and Christian Hill (guitar) who, by that time, had already been writing music together for around four years. They soon added Esteban Ruelas (bass) to the mix then completed the current line-up by adding the vocals of Dillon Potkay-Moore.

The result is something the band describe as: “Emotional, energetic, relatable. Strong vocals, powerful guitars, and a pop-punk feel! Our lyrics hit home for many people.”

A debut EP back in 2016 set the scene and the band have since been evolving their sound with a series of singles over the last few years – including a cover of The Chainsmokers’ Closer. The latest is Stockholm, released at the start of last month, which showcases the band’s heavier edge and is the first to feature Dillon’s vocals.

Stockholm opens up with a delicious guitar lick over stabbing chords that drop into a light verse led by Dillon’s high-pitched vocals. Big bursts of guitar and rolling drums kick in and lead us into an engaging chorus of more intense vocals “If you change your mind, will you let me know? I’ve tried my best but I still can’t let go, If you wanna cross the lines that we both drew, I’d drop everything and come running back to you.”

A second verse is supported by guitar reverb then bursts of guitar as it again builds towards a catchy chorus. The pace drops with light guitars then cymbals build up to heavier low-tuned guitars under the vocals “I know that I should be done with you, After all of the things that you have put me through, I know that I should be done with you, But I just can’t leave,” which feed into a final blast of the chorus.

On the track, the band told us: “People should be expecting a different yet familiar sound. Stockholm is a very upbeat song and we feel like it’s who we are at the moment. We’re straying away from the pop sound this time around!” Check it out below:

Stockholm offers a sumptuous taster of what’s to come from Louder Than Words, who plan to have two more singles released in the next few months with an EP following later in the year. As they tell us: “Our new music is 110% raw emotion and more heartfelt than ever before.”

Given the band’s pop-punk feel you’d be surprised by some of their biggest musical influences, which again suggest a heavier edge to the band. These include the likes of Periphery, Foo Fighters, Hands Like Houses and Silverstein, along with the likes of All Time Low, State Champs and With Confidence.

While on what inspires their music, they tell us: “We all have our own personal influences. Overall, our emotions and life experiences influence us to write. Music has always been our escape. When it comes to writing music, we just write. We don’t try to stick to a specific topic, music is all about expressing yourself.”

As mentioned Louder Than Words are the first band we’ve met from Las Vegas, so we were keen to get the lowdown on their local scene. The band told us: “The music scene in Vegas is crazy! We have a huge huge metal scene here so we stand out a bit, which is a good thing! Everyone supports one another out here, it’s great.”

You can follow Louder Than Words on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes.

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