Introducing: DLVRR

I haven’t heard the word “jamboree” since way back in the Cubs and Scouts days of my childhood, and the last place I expected to hear it again was in describing the sound of a new metalcore band.

However, Lincoln newcomers DLVRR summarise their latest single Caution to us as: “An absolute jamboree of cleans, screams, chugs, chords, harmonies and melodies.”

The quartet of Jack, Willem, Scott and Josh first began practising in January 2018 and honed a sound that they describe as “melodic, powerful and energetic.” They began gigging later that year with the release of their debut EP Illuminate, which has been backed up with the release of Caution last month.

On the latest track, they tell us: “The reception has been really positive. It’s a step forward for us; the EP was good but Caution is even better.”

And they’re not wrong in that assessment. It opens with drawn-out synth sounds then a huge scream of “I drag myself to the darkest depths” launches us into a lively verse of heavy guitars under big screamed vocals. It suddenly drops into laid back clean vocals “Throw your caution to the wind, let’s start again,” but the calmness is short-lived as it’s blown away by an avalanche of heavier guitars and screams.

That builds up to a singalong chorus of the same clean vocals, which ends on heavy screams and big booming djenty guitars and eerie backing synths. Another section of clean vocals follows, this time “But you can’t see what’s happening inside, A world of emptiness covered in life,” then feeds into more intense vocals “This loneliness is only a lie, Truth be told I’m ready to fight, The outside will soon speak my name, A survivor who conquered and came.” A final blast of the clean vocals brings the track to an energetic ending. Check it out in the video below:

The quartet tell us the DLVRR sound is “an amalgamation of sounds, from djent to three-way harmonies. You’ll definitely find something you like.” And that’s been influenced by the likes of Architects – whose influence is particularly prominent – Periphery, Issues, Killswitch Engage and many more.

And when it comes to what inspires this fusion of metal approaches, they tell us: “There’s no real theme overall. Caution is about battles with depression, the hopelessness and darkness surrounding it, and the will to fight through it.”

While on the consonant-only band name, they add: “It’s pronounced ‘Deliverer’, we just don’t like vowels because we’re edgy AF.”

DLVRR are focusing on creating new material for the rest of the year and hope to release their second EP later this year. You can also see them playing with Faces of Eve and Values, who we introduced you to back in July 2017, in Nottingham on 29 August – tickets for that are here. But they’re always open to opportunities to share their music, so if any promoters out there like what they hear and want to book them to play a show, then get in touch.

You can follow DLVRR on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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