New Band of the Week: Trayus

Bristol’s Trayus are in the midst of an intriguing musical shift that’s taking them from a sound that harks back to the classic metal greats to a far heavier, infectiously savage metalcore approach.

The quartet of Alex Bennett (vocals), Seb Filtness (guitar), Ryan Pountney (bass) and James Gray (drums) formed from the ashes of a former project and released debut EP The Reason last year, which formed our first taste of their music.

However, the new music they’re currently working on sees the band step in a completely new direction. So as much as we’ll tell you how awesome the EP’s opening track Blister is, it may be totally irrelevant. But either way, go and give it a listen anyway!

As James tells us on their new music: “It differs completely from everything we did, such as genre and musical approach. We’ve gone into a new direction with our songwriting and style with it. We’ve evolved everything since then – new line up, new direction.”

We’re expecting this music to be released early next year, but the good news is you can get a taste of what’s to come with a live session recorded on Live At The Lab.

On the basis of Empire, you can expect a more metalcore approach with heavier vocals and huge booming guitar chords, alongside ripping riffs. It opens up with a cool darting riff then kicks into life with heavy drums and a winding riff leading into Alex’s screamed vocals. The intensity increases then drops into a section of high-pitched chill, before a fun diving riff under Alex’s heavy vocals then a big smash-up. Check it out below:

While another recorded track from the session, Self-Inflicted, gives us another glimpse inside the new Trayus sound, opening up with a blisteringly fast smash of lively guitars and drums. Alex’s screamed vocals kick in over the top and feed into a clean verse, with darting riffs continuing throughout. It sounds pretty fantastic, and you can check it out below:

It’s not just their style and sound that’s changing either. As Alex tells us: “I write lyrics that are close and personal without just moaning. A lot of it is conflict and contradiction of what’s happening around me whereas on the old EP it was more fantasy and storytelling as I took influence from Iron Maiden a lot back then.

“Iron Maiden are my influence to play music but writing-wise it would be the Polaris, Northlane and Periphery sort of modern Progressive Metalcore.”

And the new approach seems to be working for them given they made it through to the final of the Bristol Metal 2 The Masses, which took place over the weekend. And for one of them there’s good news, as Alex will be playing with their pals in Voluntas at this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

Trayus will be recording throughout the rest of the year and are prioritising a new release by early 2020. As James adds: “We’re also working with PR behind the scenes so we’re keeping it relatively quiet, which is really exciting for us, but we potentially have more gigs till the end of the year.”

You can follow Trayus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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