Discover This: WheezeBox

Back in my early days of playing football management game Championship Manager, I used to love signing random Zambian footballers from ‘Minor Team.’ My favourite of these players was Zeddy Saileti, whose ‘Minor Team’ turned out to be a Finnish club called RoPS Rovaniemi.

So imagine my delight when we discovered a band from Rovaniemi, who just so happen to be absolutely awesome and claim to be an “angrier Royal Blood.” The duo of Kristian J√§ntti Rummut and Pekka Ylisuutari are undoubtedly one of the most exciting new bands we’ve heard recently, with their no-holds-barred, pure angry rock.

Our first taste of the band is the superb Lying To Myself, which begins with light repeating guitars that are soon joined by vocals “Restrain myself, From this bad habit, That I have.” But the calm opening does not last for long.

Big guitar chords kick in, alongside heavier, shouted vocals that progress into intense screams as the guitars get gradually heavier along with them. A second verse of more intense guitars again builds up to the big chorus “I’m lying to myself again, This was the last time I swear, The devil’s on my shoulder killing me.”

That drops into a chilled section of repeats “It looks a lot like me,” which continue into big shout-sung vocals over a booming guitar riff and pounding drums. That builds up to end on a big scream and a huge low-tuned riff to bring the track to an end.

This is seriously, seriously good, and on the track they tell us: “People should expect some screaming, curse words and headbanging. The inspiration for this song came from the Devil and from my own addictions.” Check it out in the video below and tell us this isn’t absolutely awesome:

The even better news is that the track is their third single and the previous two, Reset and The Game, are equally packed with engaging vocals and booming guitar riffs for you to mosh the hell out of. For example, check out the dirty little riff in the middle of Reset that descends into a big rock-out to close – it is truly glorious.

The band tell us their biggest inspiration is Tool, as well as the likes of Highly Suspect and Royal Blood… just a bit angrier, of course.

While on what inspires them to write music, they tell us: “Other artists and bands, movies, own experiences. Everything basically, you just filter the best stuff what to write about. We write a lot about being angry about something, addiction, there’s also some philosophical and psychological stuff too.”

WheezeBox have a few gigs coming up in Finland, and hope to have new music coming out in October/November time. So we are very excited to hear that because we absolutely love what we have heard from WheezeBox thus far.

You can follow WheezeBox on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

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