Discover This: Daisy

Los Angeles trio Daisy brings us a raw, edgy noise-punk meets noise rock sound that is heavily bass-led alongside loads of naughty guitar noises.

The band begin with Maxwell Terlecki (bass and vocals) and Griffin Kisner (drums) playing as a two-piece back in 2014, before bringing in Andy Cavanaugh (guitar) at the start of last year.

They sent us Cuts 388, which was released a couple of months ago, to give us a taste of the Daisy sound. It opens up with creepy noises that build up to a mass of cymbals and guitar noise then diving riffs over a mass of guitar noise and pounding drums.

There’s a brief pause before launching into a verse of Max’s edgy vocals “Lost and jaded, I’ve been waiting” over a big thick bassline and random interjections of wild guitars. High-pitched repeating guitars give way to a booming bassline supporting a brief chorus “I know you’ve got cuts.”

Shouty vocals come in and are answered by stabbing guitars, then the repeating guitar bursts continue under less intense cries of “I know you’ve got cuts” before dropping into a big mess of noisy rock goodness to bring the track to an end. Give it a listen below:

Describing their sound, Max tells us: “We consider ourselves a noise-punk band, I guess. I try not to talk about the actual music, as I think people should draw their own conclusions.

“We stand for and support anyone willing to be different, positive and honest. We are an inclusive group and we do not stand for hate or exclusion of anyone or any peoples. That is our message.”

Daisy will have a new record coming out this autumn, ahead of which they’re releasing latest single BLEACH on 30 August. You can see the band in action on the same day at The Factory in LA, more info on that is here.

You can follow Daisy on Instagram and check out their music on Spotify.

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