Introducing: The Ashley Sherlock Band

Manchester trio The Ashley Sherlock Band offer up a modern take on the blues and country songwriting styles of the American Deep South, with plenty of classic rock dynamics and delicious guitar solos for good measure.

Having played hundreds of gigs as a solo artist, Ashley Sherlock recruited the talents of Charlie Rachel Kay (bass) and Shannon Killarney (drums) to add some jazz-funk rhythm support. The trio then wrote and recorded new material with producer Kenneth Nixon, frontman of Nashville band Framing Hanley, and released their debut EP last year.

They’ve now followed that up by releasing new single Death of Me on 1 August. It opens up with percussion that continues under a big diving riff. Ashley’s bluesy vocals take over, with bursts of guitar and the opening percussion sound underneath, then it builds up to a big chorus “You’ll be the death of me. That’s followed by a couple of cool little effects-ridden solos over the big riff, then drops into another laid-back verse.

A second chorus flows into vocals “I can’t be bought, I won’t back down” that end on a huge cry by Ashley then a big sweeping guitar solo supported by slowed down booming guitars and rolling drums to bring the track to a dramatic ending. We are loving the sound of this, and you can check it out below:

On the track, Ashley tells us: “This song was written outside a beer shop in Stockport last summer. Charlie had written a poem and I had the main riff and chords going round in my head for ages, we took some lyrics from Charlie’s poem and wrote the song there and then.

“The idea of the song is about the fight or flight emotion which we all experienced at some point over something your passionate about. Expect to hear some heavy guitar riffs and big guitar solos!”

The band draw influences from the likes of Gary Clark Jr, The Marcus King Band, JD Simo, The Cadillac Three and Jeff Buckley. And, as Ashley explains: “Influences can come from anywhere at any time, a lot of our songs have stories and will often have multiple meanings, we certainly write about what we know so I guess life would be the key theme!”

For a taste of the diversity the band offers, check out the delicious EP closing track Fine By Me, which includes Ashley hitting an impressive high note then diving into a cool extended guitar solo, below:

You can see the band for yourself at the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival next Saturday (24 August). More info is here.

And there’s plenty more to come from them. As Ashley says: “We plan on getting back into recording as soon as possible, recording this track we just released was a lot of fun! we have a whole heap of songs ready to be recorded! we will continue to gig as much as we can! we just played our very first Hometown Headline show which was absolutely nuts!”

You can follow The Ashley Sherlock Band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.

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