Fiesta en un Museo: Bienvenido a Santiago!

We may pride ourselves on discovering the best new rock and metal talent around the world, but last night we mixed things up a little by heading to an EDM night in Santiago. However, this was no regular EDM night, nor was it your run-of-the-mill concert generally – on our second evening in Santiago.

The event was hosted in the grandiose setting of the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, which is one of the main centres of dissemination of visual arts in Chile. Founded on 18 September 1880 as the National Museum of Paintings, the building is home to more than 3,000 artifacts and a specialised visual arts library of around 100,000 volumes. These include the largest selection of Chilean sculptures and the second most complete set of paintings in the country after the Casa del Arte or Pinacoteca of the Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n.

But, for one night only, the impressive artistic artifacts took a back seat to music. The event was put on by Around, who specialise in hosting electronic music sessions in unusual locations. In their words, they “seek to give a boom to the electronic scene through private and exclusive events, which are registered with multiple cameras in high definition and subsequently disseminated on digital platforms for the eyes of Latin America.”

This promised plenty, and Around certainly delivered on it. The picturesque museum was tastefully decorated with bright lighting, plenty of strobes that brought the decor to life. Then there was a huge DJ platform/stage setup underneath

And they put on a great show with a host of DJs, led by Brazilian DJ Fernanda Martins, who is one of the biggest names in the global techno scene. She was joined by Chile’s own Stephanie Byrt and Colombian DJ Paula Velez.

For someone who isn’t particularly into techno or EDM, I had an awesome evening in what you can see was a really impressive venue. The DJ’s were really good and the crowd was absolutely loving it. Check out a few more photos of this EDM museum takeover below:

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