New Band of the Week: Novustory

They may describe themselves as ‘alternative rock’ but Bury quartet Novustory embody the hard-hitting power and sass of their heavier rock and metal counterparts.

The quartet of Imogen Storey (vocals), James Duckworth (drums), Ben Cross (guitars) and Chris Horrocks (bass) have been busy honing a new batch of “stadium worthy rock bangers” and building the brand of the band over the last couple of years.

Describing their sound, the band tell us: “We’ve been working on writing music together for the last couple of years and we wanted to be in a band because we all love music and want a career in music. We’re very passionate about our instruments and we’re all very creative people who want to share our ideas with the world.”

Our first taste of what Novustory have to offer is new single Denial, their first new music in over two years which was released last Friday (30 August). It opens up with delicious chugging low-tuned guitars that continue under Imogen’s engaging opening vocals. Backing vocals creep in as it builds up to a big chorus of “I’m in denial and I’m gonna be like this for a while, No I can’t smile, And every time you do it gets me riled, This love is overrated.”

It drops into a more relaxed verse, with twinkling synths in the background, then Imogen’s vocals intensify and build up to another chorus. A blitzing guitar solo kicks in, then descending guitars with twinkling synth take over and drop out leaving Imogen’s lone vocals, before one huge final blast of the chorus. It’s a seriously impressive debut effort – give it a listen below:

On the track, the band tell us: “The reception for the track has blown our minds. We’ve been building up a fan base for the past couple of years by keeping on top of our social media content and by posting online and gigging regularly.

“We knew people supported us because they engaged with our posts a lot and bought merch from us but we did NOT expect the reception the track has had! It’s had over 5,000 streams since it was released four days ago and we’ve been totally overwhelmed. The release has been amazing.

“People who haven’t heard the track yet can expect BIG RIFFS and huge vocals. From the next track, people can expect a much more ‘produced’ sound with even more catchy hooks – more great artwork and an interesting music video.”

The band gave us insight into their individual leading musical influences, with Chris influenced by Metallica, Ben influenced by Muse, James influenced by White Stripes and Imogen influenced by Dream State, who the band have already supported. 

And that’s created what they explain to us as: “Our sound is based around big vocal hooks and catchy riffs with powerful drums. We’ve been told we’re the love child of Royal Blood, Paramore and Muse.”

They may not have released new music in two years, but the band have taken themselves on three European tours and gigged in France, Belgium, Italy, and Amsterdam – all organised themselves.

There’s plenty more to come from Novustory with singles and loads of videos in planning. As they say: “After two years of silence we plan on bombarding our fans with loads of bangers. We’ll be in the studio loads making sure the tracks are ready and we’ll be filming videos along the way.”

You can follow Novustory on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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