Introducing: Agamas

Angsty pop-punk with bags of energy has seen Melbourne band Agamas build a strong following not just at home but in the Asian market – with the trio on the verge of their third international tour despite only releasing three singles.

Agamas started out with the duo of Tim Canterford (drums) and Dino Losi (guitar) writing music together around four years ago while searching for a lead vocalist to complete their sound. They soon discovered Chloe Allworthy, who came along with lyrics and melodies prepared for two of their instrumental tracks.

The result is catchy pop-punk led by Chloe’s angsty, engaging vocals, as portrayed by latest track Static. It opens up with stabbing guitars that continue underneath Chloe’s deliciously delivered vocals. It suddenly bursts into a heavier chorus with big singalong vocals “Oh bite your tongue, You can’t fault the system, Although we’re very less than ordinary” over punky chords and crashing cymbals.

A second chorus drops into meandering guitars over light drums, then the pace drops right down before dual vocals to a final smash of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Previous track Mistaken Identity also gives us plenty to get excited about, with light guitar and dreamy backing sounds but bursting into life with a burst of guitar. Then Chloe’s catchy, intriguing vocals “The words leave your mouth but they fall on deaf ears, What will it take to get them to really hear? Or will we stay paralysed? Trapped in the skin of an intruder, Protected by an irrelevant signature, What will it take to get to the lock and key,” take over.

A cheeky cowbell enters proceedings as it builds up into the big singalong vocals of “Another case of mistaken identity, Do you see, do you see, a face in me?” The second verse is followed by a drop in the pace, before eventually building up to another singalong chorus, which this time extends with several repeats of the vocals over heavy punk chords. Check it out in the video below:

Agamas’ intriguing pop-punk sound has been influenced from far and wide, with the biggest being fellow female vocalist punk bands like Tonight Alive.

As Chloe tells us: “We attempt to get the audience to their feet with our energised stage presence. Many of our songs’ lyrical themes surround my life and my journey to find my sperm donor and 15 siblings. Other more recent themes surround heartbreak and other experiences that the band have been through.”

They’ve recently added Jake (bass) who’ll join the band’s third international tour later this year, which will take them from The Phillippines to Taiwan and Thailand.

In November, the band will release a music video called Ice and Fire, which tells a love story between two Filipinos. As Chloe explains: “This is a dedication to our fans in the Philipinnes who we will be seeing once again on our third international tour.”

You can follow Agamas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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