Album Review: Mr Ted – El Dirty Sexy

Things are about to get a bit Freaky this Friday with the launch of Liverpool scrunge masters Mr Ted‘s debut album El Dirty Sexy.

This is great news for all of you who’ve ever dreamt of an album filled with the wild and wacky themes of Quavers, buns, eggs, beans, chickens and more. If you’re a bit less weird, then the even better news is that you get to begin with your weekend with a light-hearted, rocky, exciting debut album.

The scouse quartet – our New Band of the Week back in June – are right up there with the best of them when it comes to randomly themed rock, which they tell us is largely inspired by “the primal need to farm.” And they do not disappoint on an album that’s chocked full of randomness and rockiness in equal measure.

The album kicks off with a drum solo, then a little bassline feeds into a big smash of guitars in the intro to Rage Quittin’. Angsty vocals jump in “We don’t fit in, We’re rage quittin'” answered by the lively guitars. A section of jumpy guitar chords gives way to more drawn-out guitars, then some big shouty vocals answered by cries of “Rage quittin'” that ends on the line “Fucks sake, I am done.” It’s a fun, heavy start to the album, give it a listen below:

Next is the wonderfully named The Bean Song, which opens up with bouncy guitars then wild vocals “Bouncy bouncy bouncy me, Bouncy bouncy bouncy you, bouncy bouncy bouncy old, bouncy bouncy bouncy new.” It soon kicks into stabbing guitars reminiscent of The Kinks’ You Really Got Me alongside vocals “You really got beans.” A jumpy little bassline under meandering higher-pitched guitars gives way to a section of rapped vocals, taking the randomness to whole new levels, then drops into a return of the bouncy opening section to finish.

The lively lead single Shame is next, which opens with a big dirty riff and wild cymbals that lead into a cool opening verse of repeats of “Isn’t it a shame when you don’t like your neighbours, it’s a shame” takes over with more big guitars continuing. And that’s followed by the second verse that sees repeats of “Isn’t it a shame when you drop your fucking Quavers, it’s a shame.” Big guitars come in over spoken repeats of “Neighbours, Quavers, Strange, Shame.” It’s totally random, but we love it, and you can check it out below:

A pretty chaotic start to the album is eased down a little on the slightly more laid-back Platelets, which features cries of “B7” before dropping into B7 chords. And that’s followed by another single Muscle Milk, which starts with a light little guitar riff that gives way to a wall of chugging guitars under random shouts of “Flex, power, muscle milk.”

Big floaty vocals come in as the lead vocals intensify, then drops into a little chugging riff. Mid-way through the pace drops into a cool section of spoken vocals over interesting backing vocals and drawn-out guitars, then a scream and a cry of “guitar solo” gives way to… a guitar solo. Check it out in the video below:

A big fuzzy blast of guitars kicks off One 2 Panda, before eventually dropping into a prolonged high-pitched guitar solo. That comes to an end with some repeating bouncy guitar chords and big pounding drums, then some big scream come in over the top, ending with a cry of “One two panda.” And that’s it! Check it out below:

The Happy Song is classic Mr Ted silliness meets upbeat rockiness. Fuzzy guitars open up and continue under shouts of “Happy happy happy happy happy” with cries of “joy joy joy” overlapping them. That descends into high-pitched wails over shouts of “Happy,” then some pretty weird high-pitched vocals finish the song off – we love it.

Next, Sexy Legs is a super cool, slightly filthy, song that opens with a little guitar lick then backing vocals. The vocals take over “Hey sexy legs, can I look into your pocket, Show me what you got, You might be hot, Hey sexy legs, I’m Mr Nuts, Show me what you got, Let it all hang out.” Ghen a second verse opens with “Hey sexy legs, Eat my ass, Show me what you got, Doesn’t matter either way, Hey sexy legs, You saucy sod, Show me what you got, Let’s all have a dance.”

The pace drops and slightly saucy almost spoken vocals “Hey baby won’t you suck on my vape, I’ve got a problem that I just can’t escape, My balls are itching but I just can’t scratch, I’d let you help me but there is a catch, I’m into something that you might not like, (Who’s that in the cupboard), Oh that’s just my friend Mike, Well let’s get back to the question in hand, Oh won’t you help me with my final demand.” Heavier guitars suddenly kick in under repeats of “Autoerotic, exotic, asphyxiation.” Check it out below:

That’s followed by the superbly named Andrew WK Party in Ireland, which opens up with heavy guitars and cries of “We’re gonna have a party, we’re gonna have a party, We’ll party in Galloway / Ireland / Dublin.” The raucousness drops down into lighter guitars as it morphs into a more classically Irish sounding rock song.

The album closes with the intriguingly named, eight-minute-long Pickled Eggs and Snakes, which opens with a light guitar lick that continues under engaging vocals “Could have been a musician, magician or physician, Could have been on television if I didn’t take drugs, Well I’ve got a confession, I have in my possession recreation medication, It’s a lot of fun. Oh shit there’s a bear, Don’t panic, don’t despair, I’ve got a lot of ammo and my jungle hat, I look up to the sky and nothing meets the eye, I’m staring at the ceiling in my council flat.”

The guitars pick up a little as we move into a fun chorus of “So many questions about my life I’ve been wondering, Do I buy a jar and make some pickled eggs, I’m gonna buy a jar and make a load of pickled eggs.” It drops into a more shouty section that ends on a big scream, and everything drops out bar a low bassline then drawn-out version of the chorus vocals. That ends on a cry of “I’m staying in, I’m gonna buy a gun, Oh shit” as heavy drawn-out guitars and cymbals kick in over distant laughing sounds and wild shouted vocals as the track draws to a heavy ending. Give it a listen below:

In classic Mr Ted style, this is a super fun, at times heavy and pretty much always engaging album. And it’s an impressive debut effort from a band that we can’t help but enjoy listening to.

If you like what you hear then you can see the band for yourself at their album launch show at VideOdyssey in Liverpool tomorrow night (Saturday 21 September), tickets are available here and more info on all their upcoming gigs is here.

You can check out El Dirty Sexy on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp, and follow Mr Ted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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