New Band of the Week: Ten Thousand Monsters

Based between Lisbon and Coventry, newcomers Ten Thousand Monsters announced their enthralling, hard-hitting rock sound on the world by dropping their first three tracks earlier this month.

The trio of Helder (guitars and vocals), Bubu (guitars) and Capelas (drums) met while playing in previous bands back in the late 1990s. As they tell us: “Back then our main goal was to have fun and improve our skills. Through those early bands, we ended up meeting each other and finding out we had pretty much the same taste in music.

“Years went by and here we are: three old friends having fun and somehow exorcising their demons, hopes and fears through music. So it became much more than just an act, it has become a way of enduring through life.”

They’ve since honed a powerful rock sound with songs that, in their words: “Grab you by the groin (in case you’re a dude) and make you spin around in the air like if you were high on acid. Girls, we just want to have fun!”

They’ve just released three tracks that give us a taste of this. The first is the superb Sweet MF, which opens up with guitar noise and repeating drums then a huge low-tuned riff kicks in under intense screamed vocals. Echoey vocals are answered by stabs of guitar in an atmospheric opening verse that picks up pace and drops into a big riff then drops into another verse.

A rocky chorus takes over, with the lyrics “Down, tricky murderer, Dragged by this river, Sometimes I believe that death’s your only company, Sweet motherfucker, I’ve resumed your apocalypse, Sanctified, cold and belligerent.” That drops into high-pitched vocals “Slowdown, Speechless,” before a big smash of guitar riffs kick in to pick the pace up again. A wild high-pitched guitar noise jumps in over the top and feeds into a couple of repeats of the chorus before ending with heavy guitars. Give it a listen below:

The band also released Chains, which shows more of a melodic side to the band while retaining a hard-hitting edge. It opens up with the delicious, atmospheric vocals “Crowned in vain, Soaked in blame, Something so beautiful, Becoming unbearable, Your childish games are endless chains, Trampled as lights do fade, Killing you just the same, For what?”

It soon descends into a seriously good low-tuned riff, which drops into palm-muted guitars under engaging vocals. A light verse follows and gives way to the engaging opening vocals, then big chugging guitars and a scream are followed by heavy guitars and a wild electronic noise in the background to bring it to a heavy ending. Check it out below:

They also released the more laid-back Candleman, which shows an even more melodic side to the band. Led by Helder’s deep vocals over looping light guitars it soon feeds into a delicious, atmospheric chorus with synthy sounds creeping in. Give it a listen below:

On what inspires their music, the band tell us: “We’ve recently recorded three songs that cover some issues that are pretty much on top of the game, right now. So we believe: Mr Trump (Sweet MF), several ways of screwing up your relationship (Chains) and of course: addictions (Candleman).

“Our biggest influence is everyday life and all the music and musicians that really mattered, the ones that stood out and made a point, made a difference!”

We’re excited to hear more from the band and, as they tell us: “We’re struggling to get gigs, record more songs and maybe find an agent that is as stubborn as we are. Check out our music and while you are there download our songs! It’s much cheaper than Madonna’s.”

You can follow Ten Thousand Monsters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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