Discover This: Meat Jelly

Brace yourself for some fast-paced, raucous, screechy, fun-packed post-hardcore goodness from Madison, Wisconsin quartet Meat Jelly.

The band’s self-monikered ‘screamy blues/punk’ has been influenced by the likes of At The Drive-In and Every Time I Die through to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. But the intrigue is deepened by their lyrical focuses on wildly fluctuating topics, from torn cartilage and beef being left in places it shouldn’t (allegedly) through to stopping Ben Affleck making films about the reincarnation of Jesus Christ starring Jeremy Renner.

To get a taste for this randomness, the quartet of Stu, Carson, Conor and Jim sent us Dorchester Neck from last year’s debut EP Nevermind The Sandra Bullocks, Here’s The Blindside. It opens promisingly with a cool little winding guitar lick. Equally winding vocals come in over the top and the guitars and vocals intensify with a cry of “‘Cause even though I know I like to love you, I can’t because of all the drugs that I do” over heavier drums.

Another wild chorus drops into a looping guitar riff over light drums, which gradually crescendoes towards screamed vocals then a shout of “Fuck” drops into one final raucous chorus. Give it a listen below:

On the track, Conor tells us: “This is a sort of pop-punk or emo themed rock track. In general, our sound is far heavier than this. We just write based off whatever riffs and stuff we come up with practicing both alone and together.”

And the fact that they think this is pop-punk tells you a lot about what to expect from the rest of their music. It’s safe to say pop-punk this is not. Case in point is the brilliantly titled Stu Put Beef In The Vents, which opens up with a funky riff, a cry of “Oh yeah,” a lively smash of instrumentals then some wild opening vocals then a cool little guitar solo. Give it a listen below:

A personal favourite track is the particularly raucous EP closing track Sahelanthropous. It opens with a trademark little guitar lick and engaging vocals then high-pitched repeats of “I need to give you away,” which give way to a fun little guitar solo. A repeat of the chorus ends on driving drums then another tricky little riff over rolling drums that builds into a funky little solo. I absolutely love this track, give it a listen below:

Expect to hear much more from the band soon as they are currently writing and recording for their debut album, ahead of touring relentlessly. As they tell us: “The world will be hearing from us if they look out!”

You can follow Meat Jelly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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