Introducing: Scarlet

Expect powerful, engaging good old rock’n’roll in the form of Wisconsin band Scarlet. The band released an impressive debut album last year, and we’re excited to hear more from them as they look ahead to its successor next year.

The band first came together as the brainchild of lead singer Zondo, who had been in a handful of music projects before, in the summer of 2017, taking to Craigslist to put a new band together. And in teaming up with
L.A. Viper (guitar), Chris Caldie (bass) and Jack Rathsack (drums) he’s created something pretty special.

As Zondo tells us: “The mission of the band was to bring something new to the genre of rock music. To really create an overall new sound by combining different sub-genres of rock and other genres completely outside the world of rock.”

The result is a sound that the band describe as “full, intense and intriguing,” on which Zondo further expands: “Scarlet’s sound can be described as in your face rock music combined with warm vocals. To top it all off LYRICS THAT CONVEY A MESSAGE. It falls into a category of its own. Although most of the group’s songs borrow elements from hard rock and metal, the album Split From Reality is not the typical rock band album.”

The album mixes melodic rock with hard-hitting metal-fused rockiness. For example, second track Higher opens up with a delicious chugging guitar riff that drops into Zondo’s awesome vocals. The vocals intensify in a pre-chorus of “Can’t you see me crawling, Hands and knees on the floor, Is it too much to ask” that feeds into high-pitched cries of “Won’t you take me higher… across the sky.”

A second chorus drops into a cool middle section, then high-pitched guitars before building up to a big last repeat of the chorus. Check it out below:

And the rocky goodness continues with Burn It, which opens with a big booming guitar riff that’s answered by piercing high-pitched guitar responses. Zondo’s delicious vocals take over with lively guitar support, then lower, almost growling vocals build up to a quick shoutalong chorus of “Burn it, burn it, burn it all to the ground, Gasoline, Kerosene.” And keep your ear out for a naughty little guitar solo. Check it out below:

A personal favourite from the album is the superb I Am Gone, which opens with light guitars opening Zondo’s engaging vocals. Drums come in as the song builds intensity then explodes into a big chorus “I wanna be where you won’t find me, To the scopes of the sky past the line of the shooting stars, Past the rings of Saturn, Follow a pattern, I’m already gone” then repeats of “I am gone” over a fast-paced guitar lick.

A second chorus drops into a laid-back section of light vocals, which gradually builds up with palm-muted guitars over repeats of “No I don’t see you nor do I need to” and impressive high-pitched vocals, which leads into a quick guitar solo before a final blast of the chorus. Check it out below:

The band tell us their album was heavily influenced by Avenged Sevenfold, with other musical inspirations including Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC and Carlos Santana.

While on what inspires them to write music, Zondo tells us: “The music that the band creates comes to form the theme of life lessons learned. The lyrics and music itself are a representation of my life experiences, including heartache, trying times, and messages of hope.”

While 2019 has been a big year for the band, including the release of their debut album and opening for their first national act last month, they’re already gearing up to get back into the studio for their second album, which they aim to release by May 2020.

Our first taster of what’s to come is recent release Take Me, which opens with a big smash of guitars then lively vocals “Tell me, tell me, All that you wanna know, Show me, show me, Where you wanna go, I can take you right through the great unknown.” That builds up to a cool call-and-answer chorus, with a cool guitar solo mid-way through and another alongside atmospheric vocals that bring the track to an end. Give it a listen below:

To finish, Zondo adds: “The members that comprise Scarlet have a mean age of 25 years old. Don’t let that fact lead you to believe that the skillset of the group is low. Each member comes to the stage with an intensity and drive to not only perform but to entertain each chance they get.”

You can follow Scarlet on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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