Introducing: Indigo Storm

Strap in tight for a “wonderful demented ride” with Kentucky trio Indigo Storm, who have honed a sound that they describe to us as “progressive, primal and heavy.”

The band formed in summer 2017 when CJ Jones (guitarist/vocalist), Ryan Slayton (drummer) and David DeWolfe (bassist/vocalist) came together looking to create a progressive rock trio. As they explain: “Having played with a variety of bands in the local music scene, each member had developed a mutual respect for the other’s musicianship. Within days of a few informal jam sessions, the band recognized their musical chemistry was something special and Indigo Storm was born.”

The result is something pretty stunning, as evidenced by last year’s debut album Deep. A personal favourite track is sensational near nine-minute-long closing track Circles. It begins very slowly with CJ’s vocals over low rolling drums and light guitars. Heavier bursts of guitar creep in, then a booming low bassline is joined by a stabbing thick guitar riff, which echoes CJ’s engaging vocals “I saw the truth in darkness, I saw through you with my blindness, I’m wide awake and conscious… with my powers.”

Another engaging verse imitated by the stabbing riff ends on a cry of “I’m not afraid anymore, It’s not the same as I thought” which gives way to heavier guitars, then drop into more drawn-out vocals. A brief pause gives way to a big piercing guitar solo then engaging vocals and big guitar chords bring it to a rocky ending. Check it out below:

The album starts, on the other hand, with a lively smash of guitars then an intriguing section of CJ’s engaging vocals supported by just drums then increasingly heavy guitars. That soon drops into a cool looping guitar riff, then diving guitars that drop into a light guitar and bass section. Heavier guitars take over and continue under CJ’s drawn-out vocals before livelier vocals and darting guitars close out a seriously impressive opening track. Give it a listen below:

There’s much more to keep your ears entertained in the middle, as the album is packed with big riffing, progressive rock goodness, including the superb Melodrama. It starts slowly with a light riff over light vocals “You’re my virus, My weakness, My fatal flaw, You’re a siren, And your song will be my myth.” The vocals intensify then drop into a big smash of heavy guitar chords. Give it a listen below, and keep your ear out for an awesome guitar solo while you do so:

The trio come from interesting musical backgrounds. CJ began singing, playing music and even writing his own tunes at church and family gatherings when he was just seven-years-old. Ryan began playing in orchestra in fourth grade before finding his way onto drums in a jazz band, then percussion ensembles and marching bands. While David first picked up the bass in high school to help his best friend improve the “worst rendition ever” of Avenged Sevenfold’s Chapter Four then worked his way into thrash then progressive metal.

While on their shared musical influences, they tell us “As a band, the co-writing process has been very exciting because it allows our individual influences to more richly infuse the music. CJ’s creative process is driven by a fascination with rhythmic complexity and intricacy found in progressive music – no matter the genre. As an example, he is inspired by the melodic aspect of blues-rock.

“Ryan cites musical influences such as Tool, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree – as well as a list of drummers longer than your arm. Styles like heavy alternative, grunge, prog, and even jazz inspire him to create his parts.”

While David specifically adds that he draws inspiration from: “Everyone I’ve had a musical relationship with – whether it is on stage or simply listening… I love all music of all kinds – I draw inspiration to implement new things into whatever music is in my mind.”

The band just finished recording an EP with Skiddco Music in Nashville, which will be released soon. As they add: “We are very excited about this partnership and can’t wait for everyone to hear the new material. We plan to play shows, hopefully build our fan base, and keep writing music.

“We really enjoy our time together on stage and we want our audiences to feel that – to become part of what we are giving. There is a concerted effort to produce music that can be replicated in a live performance. We want listeners to enjoy the song on the cd, but love it more when they hear it live. We put a lot of thought into what we write and want listeners to feel the honesty – the authenticity of our music.”

You can follow Indigo Storm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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