Introducing: Mel Senese

Fancy some infectious, angsty, edgy and powerful pop-rock? Of course you do, so let us introduce you to the fresh sound of Chicago singer/songwriter Mel Senese.

Mel tells us her music is all about providing motivation to people. In her words: “I would describe my sound as bold and motivating. The theme behind my music is about being strong and determined to get whatever I am after.”

The latest offering of this is Mel’s second single Goodbye, which was released back in August. It opens up with light percussion then Mel’s vocals “You hit me up when you’re alone, Yeah I know that you want that good love, You made me feel like I’m the only one, But I know your intentions” come in over the top.

The percussion changes up in a pre-chorus of “Wait, you know we’re too late for your bullshit and I know you ain’t wait for you to change, so.” Guitars jump in as it drives into a super-catchy chorus of angsty “fuck you” vocals that ends in repeats of “goodbye.”

A second verse of “Your tactics are so criminal, Stoned my heart broke it back all punished, I’m gonna use you ’til you’re gone, Throw you out like the trash that you started,” feed into another chorus. Then a more chilled section ends on the line “If I’m gonna be brutally honest I don’t really wanna see your face no more” and drops into a final blast of the chorus.

On the track, she told us: “The reception for Goodbye has been really great! Some fans have reached out to me telling me they will crank it up when they are feeling salty about a certain situation or a person who has been mistreating them. The repetitive chorus line is easy to sing along to and super anthemic.

“For those who have not listened to the song yet, they should expect an outlining theme of saying no to BS and toxicity, and realizing when it is time to just say ‘goodbye’ to it all.” Give it a listen below:

The Windy City native has received plenty of praise in her hometown, being named Big Break Rosemont Champion in 2017 and opening for the likes of Dorothy and The Veronicas before releasing her debut single Prey earlier this year.

Prey opens with big atmospheric instrumentals then Mel’s echoey vocals take over in a verse that ends on big high-pitched vocals “You’ve turned this all around, Your weakness gives me so much god-damn confidence, I got you on the ground, I’ve figured you out now, I’m calling you like.” And that feeds into a pre-chorus building up to big cries of “Prey, What are you afraid of, Show me what you’re made of.”

Palm-muted guitars creep in for another atmospheric second verse, then a chorus of the big vocals drops into echoey synths and a building mass of vocals. It’s more laid-back but powerful with Mel’s big vocals dominating, and you can check it out in the video below:

Mel says her biggest musical influences include the likes of Meg Myers, Alice Merton, Dorothy, Bishop Briggs and Janis Joplin, as well as Nine Inch Nails and Aerosmith.

While on what inspires her to write music, she explains: “My emotional state is what has been my biggest music influence while writing. The constant changing of feelings, relationships, encounters, and my own thoughts are what keeps driving me to write. Writing is my therapy! Key themes are relationships, empowerment, and being honest with my own feelings.

“I will keep writing and sharing all my feeling with the world and hope that I can capture some hearts along this beautiful creative journey.”

Mel has a few more singles in the works, alongside the release of a video for Goodbye this month, as well as several upcoming shows beginning with supporting Honeystone in Chicago on Friday night. More info on that is here. And there’s plenty more to come in 2020, including a lot of gigs, so keep your eye out for that.

You can follow Mel Senese on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out her music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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