Introducing: Singularity

Texas duo Singularity have honed an eclectic mix of violin- and electronica-fuelled metal that they summarise as “intense, merciless, and volatile.” Sounds good right?

Well, it’s about to get better, as vocalist Shannon Crawford tells us: “Listen to our sound if you dare and get fucking ready for a new strain of metal insanity! We’re bringing true, raw and authentic music back to you whether you want it or not.”

Singularity began life around two years ago when Steve Sharfa discovered a few vocals tracks that Shannon had posted on Bandmix. They met, worked on more music and have been recording since. Shannon, who doubles up as a violinist, tells us this marks the culmination of a life dominated by music.

In her words: “Music has been more than a huge part of my life in that I had been in a few bands as a singer/violinist since 2010 and in my teens was a vocalist for my friend’s church group. Plus I went to college to study music, joined the college choir, and have played in an orchestra since junior high. Recently, I was just searching for the right people to meet with and create something amazing that truly stands out from the norm.”

And the violin element to her musicality adds an intriguing edge to the Singularity sound. Case in point is Ashes of Fire, the opening track to their debut album there is only…, which was released back in May. Give it a listen to discover this delicious mix:

The violin is countered by pure heavy metal, with pounding drums and fun guitar riffs topped off by Shannon’s trademark high-pitched vocals. A great example of this is the powerful Half Life, which kicks off with Shannon’s vocals “The world is breaking apart in silence, And nobody wants to maintain the absolvement I get, You carry on and forget the resolution needed to end the strife and turn the times” over a driving guitar riff and bouncy bassline.

EDM sounds suddenly take over and big percussion and bass support Shannon’s engaging vocals then the big guitar riff and pounding cymbals come in to intensify the sound. The rawness of the track epitomises the Singularity sound, and you can give it a listen below:

On their unique sound, Shannon explains: “For those who have not listened to our material yet, they need to get on that horse right now! No, but in all seriousness, our stuff is a sweet molotov cocktail mix of in-your-face metal and punk-rock riffs with nuanced gradations of music supporting heavy and intense lyrics. No two songs sound the same and there’s always room for interpretation and exposition in the songs themselves.”

And on what inspires them to write, she adds: “Just listening to music inspires us to write music. We’ve heard some of our favorite bands’ new albums recently and have composed a couple of our own from those influences. But anything is an inspiration to create a song, I’ve written about social media and its influence on society, today’s politics and the public’s reaction, violence, death, life, being you’re own person, etc.”

The band are heavily influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Alie Cooper and Joan Jett, as well as the likes of Boston Tool, Jimi Hendrix and Amaranthe. While Shannon adds: ” Ronnie James Dio is my ultimate hero in the metal/rock music world. His vocals have inspired me for many years since I first heard “Rainbow in the Dark” when I was 9.”

Singularity plan to end the year by recording another bank of ten songs or so and rehearse with new musicians to bring out their live sound in their music. While there may well be live gigs in and around the Houston area shortly.

You can follow Singularity on Facebook, and check out their music on Spotify and over on ReverbNation.

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